Struggles That Are Way Too Real for People With Glasses

Being vision-impaired is a struggle in itself. Invariably, the solution is glasses—but every glasses-wearing girl knows these painful truths about being bespectacled.


1. You've literally never seen your glasses unsmudged, and cleaning them somehow makes them even dirtier.

Smudged glasses

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2. Popped out a lens or snapped your frames? Good luck seeing anything for the next couple of weeks until you can replace them.

3. You look super cool at 3D movies.

Working through the struggle of 3D glasses over normal glasses. Worth it for Star Wars in IMAX.

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4. Trying out frames is a high-pressure gig. First, you can't fully see what they look like in the mirror—that's why you need glasses.

5. And if you pick frames that don't suit you, it's a lot like having a bad haircut. Except you can't just wait for an ugly pair of glasses to grow out.

6. No matter how thorough you are, you will always miss a spot (or three) when you shave your legs in the shower.

7. Good luck finding your misplaced glasses. You might as well be searching for them blindfolded.

Velma Dinkley: Scooby Doo Lost Glasses(via Hannah-Barbera Productions)

8. You can't wear mascara because your lashes repeatedly graze your lenses, leaving nice black streaks in their wake.

9. Roller coasters are a conundrum. Keep them on and risk them flying off? Or ride unseeing?

10. Drinking hot tea or coffee always results in foggy goggles.

11. People always think you're some kind of genius. They're right, but it's not cool to make assumptions.


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