Glee 3D is in Theaters and The Cast is Back to Filming the TV Series!

Big news, Gleeks! Yesterday, the Glee cast returned to the set for their first day of filming, and from what we saw on their twitter accounts, they are all super excited!

Lea Michele took to her twitter to post a picture of her first day back on set. On Wednesday she tweeted, "#berryisback!!!!!!!!!!!" Then yesterday she tweeted, "rise and shine everyone! It's an early morning here on the glee set…but I'm a lucky girl cause I get to watch @DarrenCriss sing today!!"

We are so happy to see Lea back in character, and we can't wait to see what kind of drama Rachel Berry brings to McKinley High and New Directions this season! P.s. Lea, we are super jealous that you got to see Darren Criss sing live!

Matthew Morrison (AKA Mr. Schuster) also tweeted about his excitement for returning to the Glee set this morning: "2nd day back at GLEE! great seeing everyone again after the incredible summer."

In other amazing Glee news, the Glee 3D Concert Movie is out in theaters today! Make sure to check it out tomorrow because it looks out-of-this-world amazing!

Chris Colfer who plays Kurt on the show tweeted "Just saw the Glee 3D Concert Movie!!! It was so amazing!!! After forty something performances I was still smiling and singing along!" The movie gives Glee fans first-row access to the concert AND behind the scene looks of the entire cast on tour!

We honestly can't wait to see it this weekend!