Glee Season 3 Premieres Tonight And We've Got Some Spoilers!

Season 3 of Glee finally premieres tonight and we've got some great spoilers to share about what's going down at McKinley High this year.

Three of our favorites, Rachel, Finn and Kurt, are seniors and so they are starting to plan out their futures after high school.While it's more clear for Rachel and Kurt, Finn is still having trouble figuring out his future.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the three main men of Glee: Finn, Kurt, and Blain will be battling it out for the lead in the school musical.

Aside from the battle between the boys, there will also be some couples drama.

Rachel and Finn had their romantic kiss at Nationals at the end of Season 2, so does that mean they're going to be a couple in Season 3? Not so fast, according to Lea Michele, Finn's indecisiveness regarding his future may break them apart.  "[Rachel] said to him at the end of Season 2, 'This is my plan, this is what I'm going to do,' and he's still up in the air as to where he's going to go," Michele revealed.

The question is if Finn is going to follow Rachel to the East Coast. "It hasn't been determined where Finn is applying yet but Rachel is pushing the issue. She really wants him to get on top of it."  So what does Cory Monteith have to say about his character: "Finn is trying to figure out where he wants to take his life and where things are going for him. He's dealing with relationships and a lot of the same things we saw in Season 2."

Another couple we are dying to know about is Mike and Tina. "There's a little bit of friction between the relationship with Tina and Mike," Harry Shum Jr. shared. "[Mike and Tina's] parents are brought up a certain way and they want their kid to be brought up the same way." Mike's parents are set to guest star in an episode where they will talk about college and what they expect for their son's future.

But it looks like Mike has more problems than just what college he's going to next year. From what we hear, it sounds like his parents don't approve of his girlfriend Tina either. "Tina is a different type of character: she's not usually the girl that parents would go to for as far as what they like – she likes vampires and she's very gothic, it's not the exact prototype that mostly Asian parents want their sons to be with," he explained. Even though Mike Chang's parent's might not be fans of his girlfriend, Tina, he's a fighter and he's not going to let his parents dictate his happiness.

In addition to the classic Glee couples, another pair will be joining forces. Sue will be taking on the political field and enlisting the help of Quinn, played by Dianna Agron, to help with her campaign. "Quinn is having an identity crisis and I get her to go to the dark side for a little while," Lynch revealed.

Season 3 sounds intense, and we can't wait to tune in tonight for the Season premiere on FOX.