Glee Star Corey Monteith Makes a Special Visit in London

We all have come to know and love our beloved Finn Hudson on the show Glee; but did you know he was homeless for a period of time before he landed his big break on the show?!

It's true! He gave Sky News in the U.K. all the details after a visit to a homeless youth Hostel in London early this morning.

"I moved to Vancouver because I wanted to act. I had nothing more than a plastic bag full of T-shirts and slept on my drama teacher's floor and friends' floors," he said.

Corey Montieth has teamed up with Virgin United to help shed light on the problems of homelessness amongst youth.

"This is a personal issue for me. I've been at risk and living in a marginalised situation and my passion is to give something back. That sounds so hokey, but it's a shame to be in a situation and not raise awareness for the greater good…"

If we didn't love Corey before, we sure do now!

Cute, smart, and giving. What more else could you want in this cutie?!