Glee's Top 5 "Brittany-isms"

Glee, the hit musical show on FOX, teaches you about life. How to deal with school, how to balance extracurriculars with classes, and how to be yourself despite the odds. One of the best examples of this is Brittany, the proverbially dumb cheerleader who is absolutely lovable.

Actress Heather Morris, and her gift to deliver one-liner pearls of wisdom, keeps Glee feeling light, and a little goofy.

Here are our top five favorite Brittany-isms this season:

5. There are so many lyrics. (Laryngitis)

4. A happy meal, no onions. Or a chicken. (Theatricality)

3. Sometimes I forget my middle name. (Hell-O)

2. I just don't understand anything. (Throwdown)

1. I'm pretty sure my cat's been reading my diary. (Home)

Check out photos of Heather out and about in NYC, where she was visiting for the Glee concert tour, below!

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