Glish Sparkling Waters Are Refreshing, Functional Beverages Packing the Power of Ginger

If classic sparkling waters aren't doing it for you in terms of flavor or function, it's definitely time that you tried Glish.

The brand's family-friendly sparkling waters feature ginger as a primary ingredient, which makes them taste great, and provide all of the awesome benefits of the root. Last month, the team behind the brand sent me their three flavors, and I fell in love with Glish. Curious about the drinks and flavors? Just keep scrolling to read my full review.

The Brand

Glish's ginger-infused sparkling waters are designed to be tasty, guilt-free beverages for the entire family. They focus on simple recipes built around the refreshing pepperiness of ginger, also providing all of the benefits of the spicy root vegetable because there's real ginger juice in every can.

After all, ginger is world-famous for its health benefits and use in traditional medicine in cultures around the globe for centuries. It's known to boost immunity, enhance gut health, soothe tummies and relax the body and mind while also having anti-inflammatory effects and loads of antioxidants and provitamins. Point is, we should all be getting more ginger, and Glish is one of the tastiest, easiest ways to consume it.

It comes in three flavors—Chai Spice Ginger, Mango Ginger and Yuzu Ginger—and 12-can cases sell for $36 each, or you can sign up for a subscription to save 15% with each order.

Glish Sparkling water variety

(via Glish)


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The Flavors

Chai Spice Ginger

So how do these delightful gingery drinks actually taste? After chilling them all in the fridge, I decided to take a chance and start with the Chai Spice Ginger. I tend to love all things chai, and I was instantly a fan of the unique blend of flavors in this can.

It's definitely not your traditional sparkling water, with the fresh, slightly spicy ginger coming through, and working beautifully with the addition of cloves, cinnamon and cardamom. The spices are really the star of the show here. If your favorite parts of a cup of chai are the milk and sugar, you won't really find that mellowness here, but if you're up for the adventure, I think you'll find this one is worth trying. While it's hard to know how quickly or well the ginger worked its magic on me, I felt great after drinking it. In fact, I had the same positive experience with all of the flavors.

Glish Chai Spice Ginger drinks

(via Glish)


Yuzu Ginger

Next up, I cracked into a can of the Yuzu Ginger flavor. From the first sip, I loved the bright, citrusy flavor of the yuzu and the way it blended with the ginger to create something vibrant and uplifting. This one is just perfect for those hot summer days, especially when served ice-cold because it has a refreshing flavor that's sure to keep you hydrated and happy. Plus, all of the goodness of ginger doesn't hurt!

Glish Yuzu Ginger drinks

(via Glish)


Mango Ginger

Last, but certainly not least, was the Mango Ginger flavor, bringing in a bit of tart and sweet mango to complement the ginger. This is another flavor match made in heaven, and I think it'll be a fast favorite for the pickier fans out there. The mango flavor is rich and decadent, without drowning out the ginger and drinking it always put a smile on my face.

Glish Mango Ginger drinks

(via Glish)


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Bottom Line

If you're already a fan of all things ginger, I'm almost positive you'll love Glish as much as I do. The flavors are all very intentionally built around ginger as an ingredient, allowing the ginger to shine in each drink with a great balance of ingredients. If you're not that into ginger, these drinks might even win you over. While I can't verify the efficacy of the ginger's benefits in these drinks, they never made me feel anything but great, and even seemed to be able to help me get over after-lunch brain fog in a jiffy. Whether you're looking for a mid-day refresher or a bit of indulgence with your favorite meal, we love Glish as an alternative to traditional sparkling water.


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