Here's What Happens When You Wear Glitter Lipstick All Day Long

Glitter lipstick has been filling up the IG feed for awhile now—but tbh, I was never that into this trend because it didn't seem practical, wearable or long-lasting.

Could glitter lipstick actually last me all day? I decided to put it to the test and tried wearing it from dawn till dusk.

Fresh Glitter Lipstick Application

I knew if one lipstick would last all day, it was ColourPop, so I picked up ColourPop x Hello Kitty's Ultra Metallic lip, which they describe as a "dynamic cool-toned ruby red topped with copper and hot pink glitter." I also picked up Too Faced's super fine glitter, Glamour Dust in Blue Angel, just to make sure my lips were extra sparkly.

ColourPop Hello Kitty Red Glitter Lipstick and Too Faced Glitter Dust

I lacquered on a coat of ColourPop, and then used my finger to dab on the loose glitter. The result was this really pretty sparkly coral color. But it took me a while to adjust to the texture. I like keeping my lips super hydrated, so I'm always a little off put by matte lipsticks. Then there's the added element of the gritty glitter… but surprisingly, I forgot about it after a few minutes.

Fresh glitter lipstick in the morning

The first test: my morning coffee and glass of water. I'm happy to report that my lips stayed in place and didn't leave any residue on my cups.

Glitter Lipstick Coffee Test

Glitter Lips Coffe Test Clean Coffee Mug

I work from home, so I happily answered emails, hopped on a conference call and wrote a few stories all while sporting my sparkly lips—it was almost like I had this secret and no one knew! Except for the fact that I put it on IG stories… so I guess people knew LOL.

After four hours, my lips were still on point and sparkly as ever, yay! The next major test though: lunch. This worried me a bit because I planned on eating veggie pasta leftovers from the night before, and they were pretty oily. Normally I like a good amount of olive oil, but every matte lip wearer knows that oil is the enemy. In fact, coconut or olive oil is what I use to take off my lipstick. Such sad timing. Also, sipping a coffee with glitter lips is one thing, eating with them is another. Not going to lie, I started getting a little grossed out in my mind.

I decided to go through with my planned lunch because this really was the ultimate test, so I dove right into my pasta, and surprisingly, the lips were still in place after. I was shocked!

Glitter Lipstick Oily Lunch test

If these lips could withstand the oily lunch test, could they actually be wearable? I continued on with work, ran a few errands and by 6 p.m., my lipstick was still in place. However, it did start wearing off on the inner sides of my lips and also started feeling uncomfortable. I went ahead and removed the lipstick before dinner, but hey, it lasted 10 hours! That's pretty insane, right?

Inner lips wearing off glitter lipstick

Mid Afternoon Glitter Lipstick

Wearing Glitter Lipstick All Day at Night


I'll definitely wear glitter lips again, and I'm happy I discovered this pretty, long-lasting combo! And if you like sparkly lips, try my fave trend rainbow eyes HERE.