Most Creative Ways to Subtly Wear Glitter

Glittery looks are all the rage in fashion right now, but that doesn't mean we all have the ability to pull off the trend.

In case you're struggling or scared to make this work, we've got perfect ways to subtly spice up your outfit without going overboard. Now go give the KiraKira filter a run for its money by trying the tips below!


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Glitter Socks

What better way to rock glitter than on your feet? Have it peek ever-so-slightly from your shoes for a look that's sure to light up your classroom. Socks are perfect for adding shine without letting glitter take over your whole outfit. Pair them with fun, colorful shoes and you will be styling in no time!

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Glitter Eyelids

Glitter makeup is no game and can end up looking clownish if done wrong. But fear not, because a lot of brands have recently popped up with shadows that offer a slight glitter sheen. They are fudgeproof and can easily add sparkle to any look. These liquid formulas offer the perfect amount of shine. Our favorite is from Kylie Cosmetics below, but even e.l.f. has a version for a few bucks a pop.

's an easy way to up your daily style dose without having to think too much about it.

glitter iwatch band

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Statement Earrings

Earrings can make any outfit shine! This sparkly pair is the perfect way to inject the right amount of glitter to any look. The different glitter colors will allow them to pair well with a variety of tops and dresses. The earring's small size is perfect for everyday wear that won't make you feel too shiny. Get ready for compliments.


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Sparkly Retro Shades

Sunglasses are another family of accessories that can help kick up any outfit a few notches. We love this pink glittery version that pairs well with a white or black top. The retro shape makes you instantly stylish and the glitter frames give off the perfect amount of shine.

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Glitter Rainboots

April showers bring May flowers… and cute rain boots? As you prepare to step out this month, opt for a pair of dazzling rain boots that can punch up your look. This gold version pairs well with monotone outfits and it'll instantly add a pop of shine to the dullest rainy day.

glitter rain boot

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