Glow Skincare LA's Kasey Boone Talks Summer Skin Treatments and the Power of Cold Rollers

With more than 15 years of experience helping people achieve perfect looks and flawless skin, Kasey Boone knows a thing or two about skincare.

The licensed esthetician is a skin guru known for founding Glow Skincare L.A., and her signature facial services, as well as developing innovative tools to help us all achieve glowing skin. We got the chance to chat with Kasey all about her career, her skin tips for this summer and the secret behind the brand's unique cold rollers. Discover all of it below.

Sweety High: How did you get your start as a spa owner and esthetician? How did you build a name for yourself and get to where you are today?

Kasey Boone: I decided to become an esthetician after a short try as a makeup artist in L.A. when I was 18. I went to esthetician school to help my makeup career and resume with no intention of doing skin, but quickly fell in love with skincare and performing facials. I worked as a receptionist at a day spa, then an esthetician in that same day spa and also got lucky enough to work under a doctor in a medical spa, all by the time I was 23.

At 23 years I decided it was time to take my life and career into my own hands, take a leap of faith and open my own spa, Glow Skincare. I always knew I wanted to own my own business as I grew up with my parents who owned their own business and still do. I built a name and following for myself many years after owning Glow Skincare. My main focus was building a beautiful spa with great treatments and services. I think the notoriety came with time, patience and the willingness to take action and share with the world what I had to offer as an esthetician and what Glow could offer to potential clients. I also think things really took off for me when I decided to share my journey and give people an inside peek on Instagram.


SH: What's your mission statement with Glow Skincare LA? What types of services do you offer, and what are the top general skincare tips you share with all of your clients?

KB: Skincare for everyone—a place to encourage, inspire and uplift the skincare community. Everything I do is completely custom. I am known for results with relaxation when it comes to my facial treatments, meaning we can treat your skin with everything from a hydrodermabrasion to LED light therapy and chemical peels, but with a holistic approach as well. Treatments should help not only improve the skin but mind, body and soul through aromatherapy, massage, reflexology, gua sha and sound healing.

My top tips are less is more and SPF always. Believe me when I say SPF always as even I, an esthetician, was diagnosed with basal cell (skin cancer) at the young age of 31. Last but not least, focus on eating and drinking your water.


SH: For our teen girl audience, what kind of treatments do you recommend for this summer?

KB: I love an Oxygen Infusion Facial. This is going to invigorate the skin, hydrate and give you that dewy summer glow. This is also a great summer treatment, as you are not shedding layers (which can make skin more vulnerable—hint hint, the sun) and instead, the oxygen is adding hydration and protection from environmental stressors.


SH: Tell us all about your cold rollers! How exactly does the stainless steel roller work? How is it used, what are all of the skincare benefits of the tool, and what exactly is happening that gives all of these great benefits?

KB: Simply roll the stainless steel head onto your skin. This can be before or after product application. That's the beauty of the cold roller—you can't mess it up!

We recommend storing your cold roller in the fridge or freezer for at least 20 minutes before use. Store it in there, that way it's always ready!

Regular cleaning should include washing with soap and water. For a deeper clean, spritz down with alcohol. Squeaking may occur. If so, apply a drop of any kind of oil to either side of the roller to cold roll in silence.

Benefits include reduced appearance of pores, puffiness, redness and inflammation. Acneic skin may become less irritated and inflamed. It may also help with lymphatic drainage.


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

KB: Make sure to follow me on IG @glowskincarela and shop all my esthetician-approved skincare tools on my website


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