Kimchi in Skincare May Sound Weird, But It's the Secret to glowoasis's Incredible Products

Only want to put the very best products on your skin? It may sound odd, but kimchi just might become your new favorite beauty ingredient.

That's because clean beauty brand glowoasis has incorporated the ingredient into its vegan probiotic products, delivering skincare that strengthens your skin's microbiome while giving it an effortless, natural glow. But what are all of the benefits of probiotics—especially the vegan ones found in kimchi—and why are they great for your skin? We got to ask the team at glowoasis for all the answers.

Sweety High: Where did the idea to distill kimchi come from? What is it about probiotics from Korean Napa cabbage that make it such a great beauty ingredient?

glowoasis: For over eight years, we've been leaders in the clean beauty industry. With a speciality in hand and foot care, we always knew we wanted to branch out and create vegan skincare products. It was our goal to deliver facial skincare that's not only affordable, effective and healthy for your skin, but also one that offers long-term results you can see and feel. In order to do this, we knew we needed to include vegan probiotics in all our formulas.

We first had the idea to use vegan probiotics in our products when we were served kimchi at dinner one night. This popular Korean side dish is made with nutrient-rich Napa cabbage and packed with probiotics from its fermentation process. Seeing the well-known health benefits of probiotics, and how it boosts skin health and supports the microbiome, we immediately knew we were onto something very special. With that, glowoasis was born!


SH: What exactly are probiotics, and what do they do for the skin when applied as skincare?

glowoasis: Our signature vegan probiotics are made from fermented Napa cabbage and help to replace bad bacteria with the good. Stress, hormones and even pollution can affect our delicate microbiome, but our vegan probiotics balance, strengthen and protect your skin barrier. The key to long-term healthy skin is a well-supported microbiome.


SH: Are there any skin types or skin issues in particular that can benefit from probiotics?

glowoasis: Our full skincare line is effective for all skin types. Since vegan probiotics are gentler on the skin, they help make the perfect skincare for those with sensitive skin. Many don't realize that some probiotics, which are actually made from cultured milk and contain animal byproducts, are known to clog pores and cause skin irritation. Our probiotics are 100% vegan and work with your skin.


SH: What other ingredients are included in glowoasis' clean and vegan product line?

glowoasis: All of our products take advantage of our signature vegan probiotics and include skin-loving ingredients like prickly pear extract (aka cactus extract), niacinamide, adenosine, blue agave leaf extract and many other good-for-you plant-based and bio-tech ingredients. We strongly believe skincare products must be safe for your skin, so we've made sure to ban over 2,100 ingredients to give you clean, yet effective, skincare.


SH: Is there anything else our audience should know about glowoasis or your kimchi-derived probiotics?

glowoasis: We're extremely proud to say we're registered with the UK Vegan Society and PETA-approved! As part of our commitment to using vegan products, we are cruelty-free. We do not use any animal byproducts in our formulas, but we don't test our products and packaging on animals, either. Our skincare is also non-GMO and dermatologist-tested. However, we will not stop here. Our mission is to continue to provide the healthiest skincare for all skin types.


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