How glowoasis's New Vegan Probiotics + Murumuru Line Delivers Flawless, Healthy Skin

I've been hearing about the all-important health benefits of maintaining a healthy gut biome using probiotics for a long time, but only recently have I been hearing about the importance of probiotics in skincare.

glowoasis is a global skincare brand that puts probiotics at the front and center of all of its vegan products. The brand recently celebrating its one-year anniversary, and to celebrate, they released two skin-friendly new probiotic products that also incorporate murumuru butter.

The team behind the brand was kind enough to meet with me and tell me all about the new line, as well as to let me try these new murumuru products for myself, and they've since become go-to's in my twice-a-day skincare routine. Here's why.

The Brand

Every vegan product that skincare brand glowoasis releases is built around microbiome health. That's because on top of our skin is a thin layer of good bacteria that's critical to keeping our skin healthy. Probiotics feed the microbiome to maintain its health, so that skin is left glowing and free of things like acne and eczema. That's precisely why glowoasis prides itself in products that make your skin glow. It's also why the brand has banned more than 2100 no-no ingredients from its products to ensure that only the safest stuff touches your skin.

Their latest releases, their Ultra Calming Toner and Hydra Surge Moisturizer utilize a unique ingredient called murumuru butter. Murumuru is deeply moisturizing, making it great for sensitive, dry or damaged skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines. At the same time, it doesn't clog pores like many other hydrating extracts, such as shea butter. Both products are formulated to calm, balance and hydrate your skin to leave it healthy and glowing, and they work in tandem to provide the greatest benefits.

glowoasis lotion and toner smears

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The Ultra Calming Toner was created to improve your skin's texture and tone to make it look radiant. It's enriched with both rosemary leaf water and rosemary leaf oil, ridding your skin of lines while fading dark spots to make it look balanced and youthful.

The Hydra Surge Moisturizer is infused with the herb cica as well as vitamin B to repair and strengthen the skin barrier, which protects it from environmental stressors, while also leaving skin deeply hydrated and supple while tightening pores. Both products are available individually, while the duo sells for $66.50.


The Products

Ultra Calming Toner: $32

From the second I splashed the first drops of glowoasis's Ultra Calming Toner on my fingers to apply to my face, I knew it'd be different than any toner I'd used before. I'm used to toner being thin like water and a bit astringent, but this one had a thicker texture, almost halfway between a standard toner and a serum.

And when I applied it to my skin, I really felt the difference. While this toner did a great job cleansing my skin, it also worked double-time to moisturize it, leaving it baby-soft without any thick residue. It's also unscented, but the rosemary gives it a fresh, regenerative scent that I adore, and laid the groundwork for the rest of my beauty routine (though I know to apply this after my facial spray, applying products from thinnest to thickest.)

After less than two weeks of using it, I also feel like my skin is looking more supple and refreshed. And while I don'generally suffer from dark spots, I recently got over a relatively large pimple on my chin and this seemed to make the dark spot it left behind disappear in a flash. Essentially, I'm hooked, and will definitely need to restock once I run out.

Glowoasis ultra calming toner

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Hydra Surge Moisturizer: $38

Somehow, I think I was even more surprised by the Hydra Surge Moisturizer. I don't think I've ever used a facial moisturizer this thick and rich, and yet when I apply it to my skin, it doesn't feel greasy or overwhelming at all. Instead, what I apply spreads evenly and soaks right in, and I can feel the difference in the moisture in my skin. Oftentimes, when a new product is going to make me break out, I can tell just by applying it because it feels like it's clogging my pores. I haven't felt that at all with this product, and I've also been breakout-free since I started using it.


glowoasis hydra surge moisturizer

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Bottom Line

My skin has felt refreshed, healthy and acne-free since using these two products twice a day, and while it's impossible to say whether it's entirely due to the probiotics in the toner and moisturizer, I can say they haven't hurt. My skin simply feels better after using them, and the fact that it looks great, too, makes me feel very confident about glowoasis. They're well worth the price, in my opinion, and if you feel like the products you're using are clogging your pores and making you break out, they're definitely worth testing yourself.


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