Go Behind the Scenes of Bella & Zendaya's New Music Videos!!

Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman have been dropping hints for weeks about the March 9th release of their new videos!

Bella's single is called "TTYLXOX" and Zendaya's is named "Something To Dance For".

We do know what each of their songs sounds like and the most recent hints dropped have spun speculations that the two videos may actually be one big mash-up video!

We have seen clips from a short few seconds of each of the videos, and now there is behind the scenes footage!

The behind the scenes doesn't directly say that the videos will be a mash-up, but we can see that videos were filmed together, prompting us to think that the mash-up rumors may be right on.

Watch the footage and let us know if you think there will be two videos or one!