Goat Rides a Horse in Newfoundland- Video Pick Of the Day!

In this video pick of the day, a goat rides a horse.

Goat rides a horse

This amazing incident was apparently spotted in Newfoundland and Labrador and now appears in a commercial for tourism. As it says at the start of the video, "What else would you expect from a place with its very own time zone?"

Newfoundland and Labrador is a providence in Canada at the farthest East point in North America. It is the only location in the world under the Newfoundland Standard Time Zone!

This amazing horse and goat pair of BFFs were spotted while the tourism board for Newfoundland and Labrador were shooting a television commercial. The little rodeo goat riding on the back of the horse seems beyond belief, but the tourism board claims it was a natural occurrence!

Goats are natural-born climbers, due to their natural mountain habitats, but this is a little ridiculous!