Unleash Your Inner Goddess With Some Help From THIS Spiritual Subscription Box

If you want to connect with your divine feminine and grow your spiritual practice, it's time you know about Goddess Provisions.

This monthly subscription box comes packed with a variety of exciting items including crystals, aromatherapy, superfoods and beauty and spiritual tools inspired by its theme.

Goddess Provisions Mermaid Magic box

Needing to satiate my curiosity, I decided to give this subscription service a try.

My box's theme was Mermaid Magic, so it came with tons of mermaid and ocean-inspired items. Here's what was in it:

1. Moon Magic Mermaid Ocean Mask: Made of sea clay, organic jasmine and ocean botanicals, this mask cleansed my skin like no other. It sunk deep into my pores and rid my skin of its impurities, all while transporting me to an idealistic beach scene with its ocean breeze scent.

Moon Magic mermaid ocean clay mask

2. Moon Magic Mermaid Toner: I don't normally use toners, but I quickly took a liking to this one. One spritz of this orange blossom and rose petal hydrosols-scented creation and I was hooked. The toner's refreshing fragrance and hydrating powers are something I hope I never have to live without.

Moon Magic mermaid toner

3. Cottagewicks Goddess of the Sea Candle: Sea glass, shells and crystals are buried in the wax of this candle. It was fun to discover these trinkets as I watched the wax melt.

Cottagewicks Goddess of the Sea candle

4. "Shell out Good Vibes" Sara M. Lyons Patch: There's no such thing as too many patches, so I was more than happy to add this beauty with its positive mantra to my collection.

Shell Out Good Vibes Sara M. Lyons patch

5. Raw Revolution Spirulina Dream Bar: This flavorsome little bar came in handy when I was in dire need of a healthy snack. Filled with cashews, almonds and nutritious spirulina powder, it tasted a bit like a sour green apple.

Raw Revolution Spirulina Dream bar

6. Red Abalone Shell and Sage Smudge Kit: Promising to dispel negative energy and make room for healing vibes, I gave this bad boy a whirl the second I got home. I definitely noticed an increase in positivity after letting it burn for a bit. You better believe I'll be using it as often as possible.

Red Abalone shell with sage in it

7. Ruby in Fuchsite: Gorgeously colored, this small stone is meant to help me maintain an awareness of my individuality. I haven't spent too much time connecting with this stone, but from my brief interactions with it, I've observed that I feel more comfortable with who I am.

Fuchsite Ruby


So, would I recommend this box? Absolutely!

It's definitely the subscription service for everyone who wants to better-connect with their spirituality. Or if you're just curious about all of this stuff, this box will serve as a stepping stone into all things mystical and magical.

Using a few of the products boosted my confidence and positivity, and that's from just one box. I can only imagine how subscribing to this monthly box will improve your life overall.

If you're ready to sign up, you can check out Goddess Provisions' pricing plans HERE.


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