Everything That Happened on My First Golden Globes Red Carpet

I do not lead a glamorous life.

My Instagram is decidedly un-influential, and I adhere to a strict $30 shoe budget. So, when I was given the opportunity to cover the Golden Globes red carpet—one of the most glamorous events of the year—I jumped at the chance to step out of my comfort zone.

Granted, my ticket was for the bleachers section (the high-rise crammed with fans cheering a safe distance away from the celebrities), but hey, a red carpet is a red carpet.

Below is everything I learned from my first Golden Globes experience.

Dress Comfortably…

My 100-or-so bleacher compatriots were given no dress code other than a note that it would be 70-degrees and rainy, so dress appropriately. Everyone interpreted this instruction differently. Some went full throttle for the occasion, squeezing into their tightest, sparkliest gowns in the hopes of making an on-camera cameo. This, it turns out, would be a mistake. After checking in at 9 a.m., we were shuttled to the bleachers around 11, where we were packed in like sardines ("scoot closer! closer!") on the cold metal high-rises. Once seated, we were ready to see the show! Unfortunately for us, the show wouldn't start for another three hours. As the sun beat down on our quickly-numbing butts, I was glad to have opted for dark jeans and a simple black button-down (in solidarity with the strong women and men who wore black in defiance of industry sexism).


…But Wear Tall Shoes

I also wore my most obnoxious, I-can-see-for-miles platform sneaker-heels, which gave me a considerable photo advantage once the celebs started rolling in:

tall platform sneakers

(Photo courtesy of Haley Winters)


Bring Extra Snacks…

I knew it'd be a long day, so I threw four granola bars in my bag to keep me going. Note to self: Next time, bring eight.


…And a book.

I knew there would be several hours of downtime, so I packed my handy travel copy of Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie'We Should All Be Feministsperfect reading material for 2018 and an excellent conversation-starter for my benchmates.

We Should All Be Feminists Selfie Golden Globes

(Photo courtesy of Haley Winters)


Celebrities Are Even More Beautiful in Person…

Finally, the moment arrived—in the form of an endless procession of black SUVs, each carrying its own precious celeb cargo. Trust me on this: Every single celebrity you see on TV is more beautiful in real life. Every. Single. One. Each time an SUV door was opened, we all had to shield our eyes from the blinding glow of an angel arriving on earth. Some of my favorites: Dove Cameron, Octavia Spencer, Emma Watson and Kelly Clarkson.

…But They're Also Real People

Being on the red carpet gave me a chance to see my favorite celebs out from behind the glow of the big screen, and see them for the people they really are. Emilia Clarke laughed graciously at the many catcalls of "Khaleesi!" Eric McCormack took a few minutes to gab with his screaming Will & Grace fans. And many women, dressed in black, carried purses emblazoned with messages like "Resist" and "Me Too," and took the opportunity to open a deeper conversation on the red carpet.

Charge Your Phone…

And your second phone, and your travel charger, because you will still run out of battery by the time Angelina Jolie finally appears. Sigh.


…But Enjoy the Moment

In the end, I realized that my iPhone 6 photos were really not all that worth it when there are legit queens in my presence. I took enough photos to make my Insta Story totally envy-worthy, of course—but when someone sent me this screenshot, I knew it was time to put the cell away and enjoy the show:

golden globes red carpet screenshot

(The Golden Globe Awards via NBC)


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