Golden Heart Awards Inspires Girl Power Discussion!

The Seventh Annual Golden Heart Awards were held earlier this week in New York City, and it seems the attendees were in the girl power spirit! Golden Heart Awards

At the event, Hillary Clinton won the first-ever Michael Kors Award for outstanding community service. Her award really got the crowd talking about Hillary's awesome achievements!

"Hillary Clinton is my number one woman leader. I really look up to her," said Polish model Anja Rubik" I was a really little kid but I drew Bill Clinton for this competition and sent it to him, and was one of 50 kids who got a letter back! Even then, I told my mom I wished that it was Hillary who signed it."

But Clinton wasn't the only woman being praised at the awards.

"I love women who have changed the dialogue and pushed it forward and a lot of people that aren't in the public eye," said actress/model Olivia Munn. "One of my good friends is a producer on The Newsroom, Lauren Lohman, and she's so smart and strong. It's inspiring to see women from all different levels who are always pushing the needle."

"All of these inspiring, powerful women really talk about the importance of encouraging and empowering young girls to become leaders," added American model Karlie Kloss "To get involved. To be entrepreneurs. To really encourage and empower the next generation of women."

The event ended up raising three million dollars for God's Love We Deliver, which aims to improve the health of every person with serious illnesses by helping to put an end to hunger and malnutrition. They prepare and deliver meals to those in need!

"We are leaders, and women need to know that!" said recording artist and actress Jennifer Hudson. "Girls need to know that. We're the minority and it's up to us to uplift each other and show each other our potential."

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