Show Your Team Spirit During the NBA Finals With This Merchandise

The NBA Finals kick off this Thursday, which pretty much means we'll be bound to our couches for the next week or so.

Regardless of whether you're rooting for the Golden State Warriors or Cleveland Cavaliers, we've found some sick merch for you to rep in the most stylish way possible!


1. This Warriors scarf for only the chicest of fans: $23.99

Golden State Warriors infinity scarf merchandise form fans edge

(via Fans Edge)


2. This shimmering dad hat for all the shining Cavaliers fans: $24

Sparkly Cavaliers dad hat from the Cavaliers Team store

(via Cavaliers Team Shop)


3. These temporary tattoos for the flashy Warriors fans: $11.99

Golden State Warriors-inspired temporary flash tattoos for nba finals

(via NBA Store)


4. This Cavaliers-themed nail polish kit: $13

Cavaliers nail polish and nail decals

(via Cavaliers Team Shop)


5. These bold Warriors-inspired leggings: $79.99

Golden State Warriors-inspired leggings

(via Fans Edge)


6. This tee with the words all the Cavaliers fans are currently proclaiming: $24.99

This is our time Cavaliers womens tee


(via Fans Edge)


7. This hoodie that says what every Warriors fan is thinking right now: $59.99

Defend the gold golden state warriors gray hoodie

(via Fans Edge)


8. These Cavaliers-printed shoes for the loud and proud fans: $19.99

Cleveland Cavaliers shoes

(via Fanatics)


9. These Warriors sunglasses to block out the haters: $29.99

White Golden State Warriors Sunglasses

(via Fans Edge)


10. This Cavaliers basketball bracelet that will pull together any outfit: $9.99

Cavaliers Basketball bracelet

(via Fans Edge)


11. This endearing Warriors tee: $29.99

Golden State Warriors Heart of Gold women's tee

(via NBA Store)


12. This comfy hoodie every Cavaliers fan needs in their closet: $54.99

Cavaliers hoodie

(via Fans Edge)


Love basketball and sports in general? You're going to want THESE seven items in your life!