If you’re a Golden State Warriors fan through and through, you already know that this year’s NBA playoffs are a hot contest against the Boston Celtics—and even if you already know your team is totally going to win, the games aren’t going to be any less eventful.

Ready to cheer on your team and watch them take down the Celtics? Then you should definitely be showing your support all over social media—which is why we’ve put together the best quotes to use as Instagram captions for rooting for the Warriors.

For when you’re watching the game with your whole crew:

“Strength in numbers.”


For when you’re pure gold, from your heart to your ‘fit:

“Gold blooded.”


For when the Warriors make a last-minute comeback:

“Never doubt the Dubs.”


For when your team’s winning on pure instinct:

“Don’t think, shoot. Soon as you start thinking. you miss.”

-Steve Kerr


For when the Dubs choose to win:

“Success is not an accident. Success is actually a choice.”

-Steph Curry


For when you’re fighting for your life, right alongside the team:

“You got two options… it’s either fight or flight, and I’m fighting all day.”

-Klay Thompson


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For when you get your whole family in on the cheering:

“Anybody who has ever watched me knows that I get my teammates involved, that I make them better.”

-Andrew Wiggins


For when the Warriors win by such a huge margin you don’t have to say a word:

“I just smile. I don’t say nothing. I don’t talk trash. My basketball talks trash.”

-Jonathan Kuminga


For when they’re only getting better:

“If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse.”

-Draymond Green


For when Steph Curry single handedly turns things around:

“He truly is The Golden Boy.”


For when the Warriors are making basket after basket:

“One swish, two swish. Gold swish, blue swish.”


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For when the team loses put definitely put up a fight:

“Warriors are not the ones who always win, but the ones that always fight.”


For when the team really shows up:

“Dub Nation represent.”


For the loss that definitely isn’t the end of things:

“If you don’t fall, how are you going to know what getting up is like?”

-Steph Curry


For when the Warriors go all the way:

“Did it happen in one day? (Nope). Came a long way? (Yup).”

-E-40, “Choices (Yup)”


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