Dystopian Goldie Blox Ad Reveals Girl Power Action Figure!

Movie over Hunger Games and Divergent! A new dystopian society features in an ad for Goldie Blox, revealing their new action figures!goldeblox action figure viral dystopian ad

The ad opens with a screen explaining that fashion dolls tell young girls that intelligence isn't as important as beauty, and that one of these dolls is is sold every 3 seconds!

Next, it shows an ominous recording of "Big Sister," telling girls how to think, repeating over and over that "You are beauty, and beauty is perfection." 

All the while, a production line spews out identical pink dolls dressed in the same furry pink vests and heels. As girls, all dressed the same, walk in a line, they take their dolls.

But one girl in line isn't quite like the others. She wears overalls, red sneakers and a tool belt, welding a hammer.

Before long, she steps out of line, disabling the fashion doll machine and smashing Big Sister's screen. Soon, a different kind of doll pops out.

It's Goldie Blox's new action figure! Like the rebellious girl, she wears purple overalls and holds up a hammer. We can't wait to learn more about the action figure soon!

GoldeBlox is a toy company that focuses on girl power and creating toys that will empower girls to consider engineering as a career. We love that they're also providing an alternative to fashion dolls with this new figure!

We're positive this will just be the latest viral ad from Goldie Blox! Check out the video below and join us at Sweety High if you're just as passionate about STEM as we are!