GoldieBlox Runs Girl Power Super Bowl Ad!

The girl power toy company GoldieBlox made history on Sunday when they became the first-ever small business to run a commercial during the Super Bowl!GoldieBlox Super Bowl

GoldieBlox won a contest run by Intuit QuickBooks and beat more than 15,000 other small business to snag a coveted 30-second spot during the Super Bowl! Typically, 30 seconds of air time during the game costs $4 million!

GoldieBlox products are "Toys for Future Innovators." They aim to give girls an alternative to the toys that help them pretend to be princesses or stay-at-home moms.

Instead, the series of toys encourages girls to try their hand at science and engineering, which can lead to later careers in STEM!

In the commercial, girls take all of their stereotypical, pink toys, and use them, plus their new engineering skills, to build a rocket that launches into the sky!

More than 100 million people saw the ad on Sunday! We're hoping that will lead to more girls playing with the toys and learning all about STEM!

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