GoldieBlox Releases Empowering Lightning Strikes Video!

GoldieBlox is a toy company that's all about empowering girls to solve problems and take an interest in science and engineering. Most recently, they've gotten into the business of making music videos with "Lightning Strikes" featuring Emily Haines!lightning strikes goldieblox music video

The music video tells the story of Goldie, a girl who builds a car with her friends to enter in the local derby. Her car, the Wind Powered Zephyr, looks great on the track, but as the race begins, Goldie's car doesn't even start.

But Goldie doesn't let this discourage her. With encouragement form her friends, she goes back to the drawing board to figure out what went wrong!

Goldie throws away her old schematics, tears the car apart and starts all over again. She decides to do some research before she starts again, reading about the history of racing, incredible inventions and even origami to get the gears turning!

But for every big success, you must encounter a few failures along the way. She tries to power her car with soda, her dog and a robot, but none of those ideas are quite right.

Finally, inspiration literally whacks her in the head. She draws out new plans and gets working, finally returning to the race track to show off just what planning and hard work can achieve!

We absolutely love this video and its girl power message! Any time her experiment doesn't quite work out, she tries again, moving one step closer to the solution! After all, you can't come up with amazing new ideas that work without making a few mistakes along the way!

According to research, girls are more likely to not try something new if they don't know that they're going to succeed. They're less likely to take risks and put in the practice it takes to master something, because many girls believe that they're either good at something or they're not.

In the music video, Goldie proves that this isn't the case! She works, and fails, and tries again until "Lighting Strikes" and she's struck with inspiration!

Check out the music video below and let us know what you think in the comments! You can learn even more about GoldieBlox below, and join our girl power community at Sweety High here!