GoldieBlox Empowers With "Princess" Ad!

GoldieBlox has hit home yet again with another amazing PSA. This engineering toy aims to empower girls to be so much more than just princesses!GoldieBlox Princess PSA

"This is your brain," explains the young girl in the video, holding up a white egg.

"This is your brain on princess," she adds. The egg is then glammed up to look like a princess, and takes a ride down a GoldieBlox conveyer belt past some startling facts.

By the time they turn 7, girls start losing confidence in their math and science abilities, we read. By 13, greater than 50% of girls are unhappy with their bodies.

As the princess egg reaches the end of the conveyor belt, it topples down below, only to be caught in one of the cars of an extraordinary GoldieBlox ferris wheel.

"This is your brain on engineering," the girl explains.

As the egg safely makes its way through an awesome obstacle course, we read some empowering factoids, such as the fact that engineering jobs are becoming more available than all other jobs in the United States, and that female engineers earn up to 1/3 more than women who work in non-engineering fields! However, only 13% of engineers are women.

The princess egg makes its way up a ski lift and glides from one tower to the next, falls into a cart that rolls down a steep path, and winds up in a big pink shed at the end of the line.

As the egg hatches and a baby chick emerges out the barn's front door, we read a final fact: "Girls are more than just princesses… They are our great resource."

We absolutely LOVE this video and its message to empower girls. Watch the video below and let us know what you think, and be sure to become a part of our girl power community at!