Gone Series Details A World Without Adults!

Gone is the first book in the series of the same name written by Michael Grant, who has written for many years along with his wife, Katherine Applegate. Gone

Over the years he has written about 150 books, but the Gone books became an instant success among young adult readers and are his most popular and well-known series. He was also co-creator of the widely popular children's book series, the Animorphs books.

Most kids have wondered at least once what it would be like to live in a world without adults,  where kids could be in charge and not have to listen to their parents or teachers. The kids in Gone get more than they bargain for when they find themselves in this situation.

One day, everyone over the age of 14 suddenly vanishes from the town of Perdido Beach. Sam, his best friend Quinn, and genius Astrid all witness their teacher's disappearance. They discover all of the other teachers and older students have disappeared as well.

Not only that, but internet connection is lost, cell phones stop working, and nothing shows up on any television channel.

As the excited younger children grab all the candy they want and claim that the school belongs to them, the older kids are left to ponder these strange occurrences and wonder how something so impossible has taken place.

They must also find out a way to suppress the growing fear and panic before someone gets hurt.

This new world starts bringing out the worst in people, and becomes increasingly dangerous as some of the kids begin to discover that they have developed supernatural powers.

People begin taking sides and war is imminent in Perdido Beach. The population is threatened with starvation, and a countdown has started for Sam. When he reaches his 15th birthday, he will disappear like the rest. Is there any way for Sam to escape what seems an inevitable fate?

Gone is a New York Times best selling series of six books with an extremely loyal fan base. Gone has been compared to television shows Heroes and Lost, and the classic novel Lord of the Flies, and we strongly recommend it to readers drawn to those story lines. It will also be popular with the fans who enjoyed dystopian series including Divergent and The Hunger Games!

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