These 'Sleep Chocolates' Have the Cutest Packaging—But Do They Actually Work?

Everyone on Sweety High's editorial team has totally different interests, but if there's one thing we can all get behind, it's being up-to-speed on the latest and greatest all-natural sleep remedies.

If you've been following, you've read our reviews of sleep drinks, sleep-enhancing granola bars, sleep-enhancing sound machines, essential oil diffusers and gosh, the list goes on…

The latest all-natural remedy on our review list? Good Day Chocolate Sleep.


Over the weekend, I was invited to Necoell presents Bloom Summit by New Bloom Media, an extravagant wellness expo featuring everything from vegan snacks, to all-natural de-stress supplements, to fitness products and more. When I left the event—held in the beautiful courtyard of the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills—I was sent off with two heaping bags chock-full of healthy samples. It was overwhelming (in a good way), to say the least.

Upon finally making my way through all of the goodies, there was one product in particular that especially caught my eye: the aforementioned chocolate sleep aid. For the last two nights, I've taken varying amounts of the product to see just how well they'd work their said magic.

The Product

Let me begin by saying this product had me at its packaging. Decorated with an adorable 3D blue moon and a bright, eye-catching product description, this tiny little container (which came in a set of four containers total [each with different purposes]) instantly caught my eye. And, with the word SLEEP appearing in giant letters, it was a no-brainer that my eyes would gravitate toward this direction.


Looking further, I found out that the little box contained eight chocolate balls covered in a blue shell. Each of the balls, which most closely resemble peanut M&Ms, are in fact made with 1mg of melatonin per piece. Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate your sleep patterns.

The side of the box provides varying levels of sleep you can obtain by taking certain dosages.



The Experience

I did a two-night test run with these little guys. The first night I consumed two chocolates, and last night I went big with four.

Before I get into the result, let me say that these chocolates are delicious. Be careful not to get distracted, because you can easily indulge in an entire box without thinking about it. Luckily, I stopped myself.

The first night, I felt a deep sense of peace and relaxation shortly after consuming the two pieces. The actual tiredness didn't take long to kick in either. The result of taking two pieces stayed true to the description: I felt ready for bed without feeling out like a light. Sure enough, I soon fell asleep relaxingly (more on my actual sleep in a bit).

The second night also held true to its promise: Approximately 10 minutes after consuming four chocolates, I was out cold. That transition from awake into slumber felt so relaxing. It was my favorite part.

Teen girl trying to sleep

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Now, when it comes to my actual sleep experience, I need to preface by saying I am one of those people who gets up to use the restroom in the middle of every night. This never used to be the case, but as of about four years ago, this is where I'm at. It's incredibly frustrating, and it doesn't just happen just once. Sometimes I'll get up even four times, regardless of my slumber's depth.

With these chocolates, however (especially on night No. 2), I only got up once (maybe twice on night No. 1)! And while it took me a little bit of time to fall back asleep, once I finally did, it was deep again.

The dreams both nights were very vivid and a little weird. This could be because of the chocolates or simply coincidence, as I am known to have strange thoughts in the night. But melatonin-based sleep aids are indeed known to have impacts on your dreams, so that very well could be why mine bothered me.

I am not one to scroll through Instagram feeds right before bed, but rather, I read celebrity gossip sites. And my dreams both nights were infiltrated with thoughts of Robert Pattinson, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber (weird, I know). The RPattz dreams were separate from the other two, btw. The dreams were a little unsettling for whatever reason, and that was a bit bothersome, but the sleep itself felt relaxing.


Bottom Line

Because these chocolates worked for me (an adult), I highly recommend trying the brand's special kids' version ($15.99). They are essentially the exact same product as what I used, but made with a dosage appropriate for someone younger. And the pediatrician-recommended products come with 50 servings (so it'll get you through many sleepless nights).

With the exception of the weird dreams (something you'll have to keep in mind if you want to move forward with using these), there's no reason I wouldn't try these again. I probably wouldn't take them every night, but for those instances when I really can't get to sleep or when it's imperative I sleep well, these are an excellent bet. They kick in quickly and also help calm nerves prior to actual slumber.

If the sleep aids prove to be a success for you, Good Day Chocolate also has multivitamins and other products that help stress and digestion issues.


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