I've Started Using Good Faith Moisturizer, and My Skin Has NEVER Looked This Good

I was FaceTiming my mom the other day, and she told me my skin was glowing.

While I don't wear makeup often because I'm busy with school, I never fail to do myskincareregimen at least once in the morning and once before going to bed. I've kept the same skin routine for quite some time now, except I recently added a new moisturizer to the mix. For the past few weeks, I've been using Good Faith's Softening Moisturizer + Plant-Derived Squalane, and wow. I see it actually working—and so can my mom.

The Brand

Good Faith is a company that believes beauty is for everyone. Their inclusive intentions and feel-good formulas are perfect for all-day, comfy vibes. I also love everything the brand stands for: "Beauty cares." "Beauty is the opposite of perfection. It's freedom." "Beauty is everything that makes you feel good, loved and accepted." They want customers to feel empowered by individuality and want their customers to feel confident in their skin.

This brand cares about long-term skin health, and their products are backed by science to provide the holistic care that they believe we all deserve.


The Product

Softening Moisturizer + Plant-Derived Squalane: $26

This moisturizer is so weightless I forget it's there. It hydrates my face, which is perfect because the chilly weather badly dries out my skin, nourishing and refreshing my face while giving me a glowing look. It also lasts all day and keeps my face looking soft, without ever being greasy or sticky, which is so important. After all, it's annoying to feel like you have something on your face after a long day. Also, this product is great under makeup and doesn't make it sticky like other moisturizers. The best part is, it's for all skin types, so, no matter if you have dry or oily skin, this moisturizer doesn't favor one over the other.

Good Faith Softening Moisturizer + Plant-Based Squalane

(via Good Faith)


Bottom Line

This moisturizer works great on my skin, and I cannot wait to buy my next bottle. The product works wonders and keeps my face glowing and smooth, and makes it look refreshed, even on days I get no sleep. I really care about this brand's mission for inclusive beauty, and I cannot wait to try more of their products in the future.


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