How to Make the Best First Impression on Your S.O.'s Parents

Meeting your S.O.'s parents for the first time is one of the most anxiety-inducing experiences that will take place in your relationship.

Will they like you? What will they think about you? What if they don't want you for their child? Crazy amounts of insecurity can seep in before your first meeting, but the tips below should help you stay zen.

All the Boys I've Loved Still

(To All the Boys I've Loved Before via Netflix)

Realize Your S.O. is Probably Just as Nervous

Coming to the realization that you aren't alone in this will help up your confidence. Take a deep breath and realize that your S.O. is also human and probably just as nervous as you. Confide in them, and this will help you both take some of the edge off. Meeting the parents is a big deal and you simply wouldn't be a real person if you didn't have a butterfly or two swirling around your tummy in anticipation.


Be Yourself

Yes, we know, advice you've heard a million times—but seriously! Be yourself. Parents have decades of experience and they can sniff out a phony in no time. Don't pretend to be something you're not, because it'll add too much stress to the situation and you will eventually get found out. Parents and their offspring have similar tastes, so they tend to share the same type of humor and values. If your S.O. is into you enough to embark on this huge step, chances are their 'rents will be into you, too.

All the Boys I've loved Before still of Dad

(To All the Boys I've Loved Before via Netflix)


Bring a Tiny Gift

Did your S.O. mention in an offhand conversation that mom loves flowers? Pluck a stem or two on your way to the big meeting. Is your S.O.'s dad a fan of the local team? Tear out the sports section of the newspaper and share a fun article with him. Bring along something small that shows you care. Do not—we repeat—do not bring a big extravagant gift. This will just show you're trying too hard, and will end up backfiring big time. A small token that shows you're thinking of them will go a long way.


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