Scroll Through These Gorgeous Sunset Pics to Take Your Mind off Whatever's Got You Down

There's a nice calming feeling that comes from watching the sun set.

When life's got me down, I always look forward to watching this light show take place in the evenings.

But sometimes it's the middle of the day when I'm too stressed out to function and I can't wait hours for the sun to go down. What's a girl to do? Obviously, turn to Instagram for some spectacular sunsets from all across the globe.

If you're feeling overwhelmed at this very moment and need a quick pick-me-up, scroll through these images of sunsets to help your stress melt away.

This orange-pink sunset over water in Istanbul, Turkey


This breathtaking scene on the roads of Anchorage, Alaska

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This vibrant spectacle in Victoria, Australia

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This unreal moment in Patras, Greece


This simple yet stunning display in London, England

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This brilliant sight in Dublin, Ireland


This fiery sunset in Rome, Italy

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This dreamlike backdrop in Paris, France


This peaceful landscape in Johannesburg, South Africa


This patriotic picture in Berlin, Germany


This chilling presentation in Alberta, Canada

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This fantastic array of colors over Granada, Spain

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This phenomenal lighting over the pyramids in Gizah, Egypt


This astonishing extravaganza in Davis, California

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This all-too-perfect extravaganza in Tokyo, Japan


This tranquil view in Acapulco, Mexico

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This captivating display in Moscow, Russia


This dazzling seascape in Zürich, Switzerland

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This glorious shot of the Taj Mahal in Agra, India


This cozy view outside of Marton, New Zealand

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This regal purple landscape in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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And this fanciful setting in Bali, Indonesia


If looking at these peaceful sunsets doesn't help you feel less stressed, doing THESE 10 things definitely will.