What IS Gorpcore? Here's How to Shop The Aesthetic

You may have heard the term "gorpcore" used the style world—but what exactly does it mean?

Well, gorpcore fuses utilitarian-styled pieces and outdoor chic with natural colors and functional designs, with inspiration pulled from climbing or hiking fashion. The trend consists of streetwear and sportswear, with elements of camping attire. Gorpcore has been around for a while, but it's just now getting the recognition it deserves, especially thanks to great influencer pages like @114.index.

Looking to wear try the gorpcore style yourself? Here are the brands to shop for each piece of your next outdoorsy ensemble.

Down Jackets

Let's start off with the arguably easiest and most essential piece of the outfit, the jacket. Jackets are a crucial part of any adventurous gorpcore look because being outdoors means it's essential to keep warm. Down jackets give that cool-weather vibe—think puffers, parkas and windbreakers.

Not sure where to shop? For heavy-duty puffer jackets, The North Face has plenty of options, and their Nuptse Jackets are extremely popular. For other options, check out Alo, ASOS, Columbia, or Save The Duck. If you tend not to be outside in super cold locations, rather than puffers or parkas, a windbreaker will probably do. Look to major brands like Nike, Patagonia and Adidas,  or for a unique style or color wave, check out Urban Outfitters for that more curated look.

The jackets are important to achieve this aesthetic

(via Urban Outfitters and The North Face)



Patagonia basically made fleece jackets what they are today. If you own one of their fleeces already, you're off to a great start, but if not, the brand offers zip-ups, pullovers and vests in various colors and patterns.

Patagonia is perfect for fleece pieces

(via Patagonia)



Gorpcore is all about vests, whether you're wearing a warm and comfy puffer vest or a more utilitarian vest with lots of bulky pockets and storage. Depending on your needs, both can be perfect for the great outdoors. Brands like Nemen and Sacai are high-end make high-end versions of both, but if you're on a budget, we've found great options from Amazon, Nordstrom, Zara and Forever 21.

don't forget to sport your favorite vest

(via Nordstrom and Zara)


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Base Layers

Simple base layers, like workout shirts, are not only comfortable, stretchy and absorbent, but also great elements of gorpcore chic. Vuori's Strato Slim Fit Crewneck ($54) is a great sporty option for guys, while this Element Dri-FIT Running T-Shirt by Nike ($55) is an excellent start for women. And if you are looking for an everyday tee that works for other occasions, too, Carhartt is the place to look.

Base layers are always important for any look

(via Nordstrom)



Of course, brands like The North Face and Patagonia have some great options for gorpcore backpacks, but they're definitely not the only ones. The Kjallraven Kanken backpacks are not just popular and practical, but they've got the perfect outdoorsy looks, varying in size and color to match every personality and occasion. Other backpacks we love include Supreme's backpack ($158), Topo Designs The Rover Pack Mini Canvas Backpack ($79) and L.L. Bean's Stowaway Pack ($60).

backpacks are great for those days when you have too much to carry

(via Supreme and L.L. Bean)


Crossbody Bags

If backpacks aren't your thing or you just don't have that much to carry on your treks, crossbody bags are here to save the day. The Starry Macaroon Tiny Sky Series Crossbody from Dolls Kill ($55) is the perfect combination of grunge fashion and outdoorsy vibes. We also love the Limited Edition AF x Dickies Crossbody ($17) with a great price point or Rebecca Minkoff's Jett Mini Boxy Crossbody if you're willing to spend a little more ($248).

shop this cute little crossbody at Dolls Kill

(via Dolls Kill)



The right trousers will make your gorpcore look—believe us when we say that it just won't be gorpcore with leather pants or dark-washed denim. For the slightly bulky, utilitarian look essential to the aesthetic, try looking to Alo, Urban Outfitters, Nike, ASOS and Free People.

Everyone needs a pair of trousers in their life

(via Alo)



Hiking boots are another gorpcore staple, and having the right pair is a great way to express yourself within the style—and lend a hint of authenticity to the whole affair. The Pampa Travel Lite Desert Boots ($100) have just the adventurous look you need while being lightweight and practical. The Reebok Rapid Response Working Boots ($146) are also versatile and functional, while the Design's Arabelle Chain Trim Hiker Boots ($50) are a little more fashion-forward while still being totally gorpcore.

Boots can really finish the look

(via Palladium)


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Not any old sneakers can be considered gorpcore, but if they'd look totally natural on the trail, then they'll do the trick. Salomon sneakers have a perfect balance between style and functionality, while Nike also has some fabulous options. We particularly like the Sorel Kinetic Breakthru Tech Lace Sneakers ($130), Adidas's Astir Sneakers ($100), Merrell Moab Speed Solution Dyed ($130) and the Buffalo Trail One Chunky Sneakers ($110).

Merrell sneakers also fit the aesthetic

(via Road Runner Sports)



Hats aren't just versatile and stylish, but from bucket hats to beanies, baseball caps and even balaclavas, they also offer protection from the elements while lending to your gorpcore look. Supreme's Military Boonie hat in Black Prym1 Camo ($60) is perfect for the utilitarian look. We also love their Military Camp Cap in Blue ($48), perfect for sunny days. But if Supreme isn't your style, check out Arc'teryx's Norvan Cap ($40), Duck Camp's Mallard Hat ($29) or Herschel's Abbott Beanie ($20). Balaclavas are also just the thing for colder excursions.

We love a good gorpcore hat

(via Supreme)



Accessorizing is one of the best parts of putting any look together, and when it comes to gorpcore, you'll want to incorporate things like goggles and work sunglasses, gloves and headphones. Shop them everywhere from Amazon to Ray-Ban, Prada to Target or Bose to Apple. This is the part where you can really make the look your own, so have fun with it!


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