Grace VanderWaal's Fresh Take on a Classic Song Gives Us Chills

Song covers are always tricky because some tunes just aren't meant to be touched—but when done the right way, a fresh interpretation of a track can be music to our ears.

Included in our five fave new songs this week are not one but two covers, and both sound totally different than the originals.

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1.  'Clearly' by Grace VanderWaal

In typical Grace VanderWaal fashion, the former America's Got Talent winner gave us a reason to smile today when we heard her heartfelt, empowering version of Johnny Nash's classic '70s hit "I Can See Clearly Now." She uses her own lyrics throughout most of the song, but totally nails the cover of the iconic track's chorus.

2. 'Be the One' by Luna Shadows

Dua Lipa has a slew of solid tracks, but our absolute fave is "Be the One." That said, it would be mighty tough to compete with the singer on the freeing track. Well, Luna Shadows has surprised and amazed us with their mellower version of this musical gem. So if you love this song as much as we do, you now have two renditions to choose from!


3. 'Taken' by Mackenzie Sol

In Mackenzie Sol's lively new tune (written by Grammy-winner Diane Warren), he wants to make one thing clear: Keep your hands off his lady! The adorable singer acknowledges that all eyes are always on his beautiful babe, but, duh, she's only got eyes for him. If the song itself doesn't have you dancing the day away, then the lyric video will have you up outta your chair in no time.


4. 'Love Song' by Zak Abel

Don't be fooled by the title—this is not a love song. Zak Abel's emotional outpour over a presumed ex says exactly how we've all felt when someone we've cared about has totally messed with our minds. Rest assured, this song is no pity-me sob story. The upbeat tune will have you jammin' out the next time you're in the car.


5. 'Moonshape' by Blackbird Blackbird

The best thing about today's musical landscape is that there's something for everyone, and for every mood. Sometimes we want to listen to something but we don't want to concentrate on lyrics, and "Moonshape" by Blackbird Blackbird is perfect for that. The instrumental song will take you on a wild journey, making it the perfect tune for cruising down the freeway or hanging out at home.

We've compiled all tracks we mentioned above into this handy Spotify playlist:


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