Graduation Fashion 2013: Which Style Path Will You Take?

Graduation fashion 2013- Which look will be yours?

What's your graduation fashion 2013 style? Are you Beach Chic, an Earth Goddess, or Funky Fly? Check out the descriptions below and see what suits you!

Love spending all of your free time by the sea and the sand? Then the Beach Chic look is for you!

  • This slit floral maxi dress from Forever 21 is elegantly long while being playfully sheer. The silhouette is flattering on any body shape, and it's great for covering up while staying cool on hot graduation days!
  • What are better than Beige Essie nail polishes? We think their "Eternal Optimist" shade is the perfect complement to a beauty look.
  • This floppy, wide-brimmed hat is perfect for shading yourself when the sun is blazing- and it won't make your head too warm, either!
  • These soda sandals by Sheikh are comfy but stylish, and they match great with the hat! The gladiator look is perfect for this ensemble!
  • These ZAD clasp bracelets add the final touch to the perfect beach outfit!


Are you an earthy nature lover? Try on the Earth Goddess look for size!

  • This Dolce Vita long-sleeve dress has a prim-and-proper shape with cutouts to spice it up a bit. The white will reflect the heat bearing down on you during the graduation ceremony, and the length is just perfect!
  • Revlon's matte lipstick in smoked peach is the perfect almost-red shade. Plus it's matte… and there's nothing better than matte!
  • These boho-style wooden earrings in gold are big and bold and not nearly as heavy as they look! We love the intricate pattern. They're the perfect dangly earrings!
  • These retro sunglasses are hollow! We've never seen anything like them and can't wait to see the kind of compliments we'll get wearing them!
  • What's better than wedge sandals? These Olsenboye hazel wedge sandals give all of the lift of a heel, with the comfort of a wedge. They're totally perfect to complete the earthy look!


Not one for following the rest of the crowd? Maybe our Funky Fly outfit will give you some ideas!

  • This Baga shift dress from Anthropologie has the funkiest of funky patterns in some bold and amazing colors. We love the asymmetry!
  • This glitter eyeliner pencil in Paparazzi Purple by New York Color is the fiercest of the fierce when it comes to eyeliner. We promise you will not go unnoticed wearing this eyeliner!
  • These pinwheel cutout lace-up sandals from Urban Outfitters come in a bunch of colors, and this blue-green color makes the cutouts pop even more! We love that they match the green in the dress!
  • This Aztec finger ring looks great in both silver and gold. Who knew such a simple piece could make such a bold fashion statement?
  • This look really isn't complete without a bold contrasting color! We suggest a Lomography FishEye 35mm camera in a bright red to really make the look pop!

So Sweetys- which style do you think suits you the best? How do you like our pics for graduation fashion 2013! Tell us about your graduation outfits in the comments below and post pics at!

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