25 Stunning and Celebratory Gifts for the New Grad in Your Life

Here at Sweety High, we think graduation is a big cause for celebration.

Making it through school—and looking forward to the next big thing—is no small feat, especially after the last couple of years, and grads everywhere deserve the best graduation gifts this year. While finding the perfect present can be hard, we've taken out all of the guesswork with some of the cutest celebration gifts around. Keep scrolling for some ideas (and if you're the new grad, don't be afraid to put them on your wish list!).

LULUSIMONSTUDIO Normal Is Boring Crewneck: $79

For the proud weirdo in your life, this LULUSIMONSTUDIO crewneck is a bold declaration of self. Not only is the purple and pink color combination so cute, but the sweater is also extra comfortable while making a statement that can't be ignored.

LULUSIMONSTUDIO normal is boring crewneck



Sobel Westex Tatooine 7PC Bedding Collection ($279) and The Jedi Ancient Text Towel | Clay ($79)

Any Star Wars fans have to see Sobel Westex's Star Wars home decor collection. If your recent grad is one, they'll love the Tattooine bedding collection, featuring a sandstone pink comforter and pillowcases, plus pillows featuring Tatooine's double suns and famous sand. These clay-colored towels are also a subtle nod to the series, with the alphabet from the series, Aurebesh, integrated into the design. This is an especially thoughtful gift for grads who'll be moving into their own places.

Sobel Westex Tatooine 7PC Bedding Collection and The Jedi Ancient Text Towel | Clay

(via Sobel Westex)


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Samara The Jewelry Box: $85

Know a new grad who has a big mess of all kinds of jewelry? Help them get everything sorted (literally) with Samara's iconic The Jewelry Box, designed to keep pieces scratch-free and detangled. It has customizable and removable compartments for all types of jewelry while being small enough to be ultra-portable.

Samara: The Jewelry Box

(via Samara)


Cupshe Marsala Wrap Blue Front Bralette And Asymmetric High Waist Set: $29.88

Graduation season means summer is practically here, which in turn means it's bathing suit season. If you're going to gift a bathing suit, we recommend something that's cute with good coverage. This Marsala Wrap Bralette and High Waist Set is both, with lovely asymmetrical details and great color options.

Cupshe Marsala Wrap Blue Front Bralette And Asymmetric High Waist Set
(via Cupshe)


Multitasky Transformable Vegan Leather Laptop Bag Set: $30

Graduation doesn't necessarily mean that someone will be using their laptop any less, so grads deserve a great laptop bag to make it painless to bring their work with them wherever they go. This one from Multitasky doesn't just look fabulous, coming in different fashion-forward colors, but it also doubles as an ergonomic laptop stand, perfect for typing away at a desk, on your lap or even at the coffee shop.

Multitasky Transformable Vegan Leather Laptop Bag Set

(via Multitasky)


Gaiam Shine Wire-Free Medium-Impact Yoga Sports Bra ($22.50+) and Om Yoga Shorts ($22.50)

The yoga brand Gaiam has all kinds of fashion-forward pieces for new grads who love yoga, workouts and quiet walks outdoors. Their pieces are supportive with great fits, and moisture-wicking material that makes them perfect for enduring any sweat sesh.

Gaiam Shine Wire-Free Medium-Impact Yoga Sports Bra and Om Yoga Shorts

(via Kohl's)


TKEES The Oversized Crew: $98

New graduates deserve a rest from the hustle and bustle once school comes to a close, and comfortable, oversized pieces are the perfect things for lounging and enjoying time off. We're wild about TKEES and their entire oversized collection, but the crew sweater had our hearts from the moment we laid eyes on it.

TKEES The Oversized Crew

(via TKEES)


Lani + Kei Taupe Star Sherpa Jacket: $44.99

Here's another ultra-comfy piece that grads will love. This sherpa jacket from Lani + Kei is oversized and buttery soft, perfect for all kinds of weather occasions. The stars are also a unique touch that sets this jacket apart.

Lani + Kei Taupe Star Sherpa Jacket

(via Lani + Kei)


Spa Technologies Detox Bath Kit: $130

We think all new graduates deserve an epic spa day, but if you can't take them out for a day of pampering, this kit from Spa Technologies is the next best thing. It consists of soothing Lami Salts, a Seaweed Exfoliating Body Wash, Hydrating Laminaria Oil for the bath and body and pain-relieving Arnica Sports Gel, all wrapped up in a cute and reusable cotton bag perfect for travel.

Spa Technologies Detox Bath Kit

(via Spa Technologies)


Bare Candle Company Peach + Southern Tea Candle: $24

Everyone loves scented candles, but for an occasion as special as graduation, you want to gift something they've never smelled before. We think Bare Candle Company does the job beautifully with their Peach + Southern Tea Candle. With the scent of fresh, juicy peaches and the subtle earthiness of black tea, this is a candle they'll burn daily until it's all gone.

Bare Candle Company Peach + Southern Tea Candle

(via Bare Candle Company)


Ten Wilde Old English Birthdate Necklace: $42

We can't get enough pieces with a bit of personalization, and after seeing this necklace, we're actually surprised birth year necklaces aren't already one of the biggest trends right now. Every birth year looks so good in this Old English font, and it's pretty cool that it reminds you where (and when) you came from, too.

Ten Wilde Old English Birthday necklace

(via Ten Wilde)


Modern Picnic The Luncher: $159

If your grad is getting ready to enter the "real world," why not give them a lunchbox they'll never be embarrassed by? Modern Picnic has all kinds of chic and stylish options that are grown-up without being too stuffy, and this wicker one has a picnic basket quality that we love.

Modern Picnic The Luncher in wicker

(via Modern Picnic)


Lenox x Kate Spade New York Vintage Cherry Dot 2-Piece Rectangular Storage Set: $30

In our opinion, the containers within a lunchbox should be just as adorable as the lunchbox itself, which is why we can't stop talking about these ones from Lenox and Kate Spade. They're made from glass, making them environmentally friendly as well as long-lasting and durable, and the cherry and dot pattern is just too sweet.

Lenox x Kate Spade New York Vintage Cherry Dot 2-Piece Rectangular Storage Set

(via Lenox)


ella + mila Enchanted Collection: $50

ella + mila makes truly fabulous nail polishes, and this Enchanted Collection contains six bottles in warm tones, all of which are perfect worn alone or mixed and matched. Even better, the brand is vegan "17-Free," meaning it leaves out acetone, formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates and 13 other bad-for-you ingredients commonly found in nail polish, so you can know you're gifting something good.

ella + mila Enchanted Collection

(via ella + mila)


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UGG Scuffita Slippers: $90

For showing off that graduation mani-pedi in the most comfortable way ever, there are these UGG Scuffita Slippers from Garnet Hill. They're plush, cushy and exactly what you'd want to wear around the house after graduating. The color selection also makes them pretty irresistible.

UGG Scuffita Slippers

(via Garnet Hill)


ARCH Moscow Mule: $160

And for anyone bold enough to flaunt the fuzzy look out and about, there are these Moscow Mules from ARCH. With their 3.5 inch heels, they can be worn up with a colorful dress or down with jeans and a T-shirt. They also come in great colors, but we're super drawn to this Cactus pair.

ARCH Moscow Mule in cactus

(via ARCH)


FLAUNT Teal Square iPhone Case: $37

There's something about FLAUNT's squared phone cases that always turn our heads. Not only are they unique and eye-catching, but they also offer a ton of protection—perfect for clumsier phone users. Whatever kind of phone your favorite grad has, or what styles they're into, chances are you'd be able to find just the case for them.

FLAUNT Teal Square iPhone Case

(via FLAUNT)


Courant Catch 3: Essentials: $100

If you know a grad who's trying to tidy up their space, get them a wireless Courant charger to get rid of unsightly, frayed charging cables with the help of this chic accessory. We love the Courant Catch 3: Essentials for its charging device and accessory tray, and it now comes in a bold Forest color we adore.

Courant Catch 3: Essentials

(via Courant)


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baggallini Modern Everywhere Laptop Backpack: $130

For the graduate looking for a "grown-up" laptop bag after finishing school, we have to recommend baggallini and their Modern Everywhere Laptop Backpack. It's stylish, but not too complex, as well as rugged enough for pretty much anything you can throw at it. Plus, it's got all kinds of storage pockets for keeping everything perfectly in place—and who looks more put-together than someone who's organized?

baggallini Modern Everywhere Laptop Backpack

(via baggallini)


O Positiv Disco Women's Gummy Multivitamin: $26.99+

Vitamins may not sound like the most fun graduation gift, but the second your giftee tries these delicious Disco gummies from O Positiv, they'll see what the fuss is all about. These vegan gummies aren't just a great multivitamin, containing 15 essential vitamins and minerals, but they also contain folate and biotin, plus adaptogens ashwagandha, rhodiola and DHA for calm and stress relief. They come in vibrant pineapple, tropical punch and strawberry flavors with the best chewy texture, making them so good no one will ever forget to take them.

O Positiv Disco Women's Gummy Multivitamin

(via O Positiv)


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Grey State Apparel Sade Sweatshirt: $88

Here's another stylish yet comfy piece that new graduates are sure to appreciate. Grey State Apparel's Sade Sweatshirt comes in a relaxing dusty rose Aurora color and a light sage Vale hue, both with ribbed necklines and sleeve cuffs, with cute stitching on the seams below the neck. Plus, it comes with heart-shaped elbow patches!

Grey State Apparel Sade Sweatshirt

(via Grey State Apparel)


Karma and Luck Love Harmony Feng Shui Rose Quartz Tree: $109

This unique Love Harmony Feng Shui Rose Quartz Tree uses hand-wrapped copper wire and rose quartz to create a stunning tree, reminiscent of a cherry blossom tree. Rose quartz is said to do everything from bringing peace and harmony to cleansing negativity and inviting every form of love into your life—and even if someone doesn'fully believe in the power of feng shui and crystals, it still makes for a gorgeous decoration sure to put a smile on someone's face.

Karma and Luck Love Harmony Feng Shui Rose Quartz Tree

(via Karma and Luck)


House of Intuition Your Intuition Led You Here Book: $22.99

House of Intuition'Your Intuition Led You Here book is the ultimate introduction to the world of the metaphysical. If that's a field you're interested in, why not share that passion with the new grad in your life and see how they can enhance their lives and empower themselves through the knowledge inherent in energy, crystals, rituals and more?

House of Intuition Your Intuition Led You Here Book

(via House of Intuition)


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Buffbunny Game Changer Backpack White Marble: $98

Whether your grad is done with school forever or is headed back for a few more years after graduation, backpacks are still super handy for all kinds of occasions, and we especially love this one from Buffbunny. Not only is the marble pattern totally darling, but in addition to the top part of the bag, with pockets for organization, the bag also has an insulated food storage compartment at the bottom.

Buffbunny Game Changer Backpack White Marble

(via Buffbunny)


STUDIOCULT Brioche Blue Bread Tag Bag: $100

And last, but definitely not least, who wouldn't want this adorable handbag shaped like a giant bread clip? We love the way it looks exactly like an oversized version of the real thing, and, the "let's get this bread" text is both hilarious and inspirational, paving the way from wherever your grad is headed next.

STUDIOCULT Brioche Blue Bread Tag Bag



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