Graduation Gift Ideas for Your Besties

Sure, graduation is all about you, but you can't forget to recognize those who stuck by your side during the ups and downs of high school—your besties.

Before you head off to separate colleges around the world, remind them how much they mean to you with one of these nine personalized gifts below.

"Best Friends No Matter the Distance" Print: $34

Even if you end up on different edges of the globe, you'll still be besties. Remind them of that with this simple yet heartwarming gift.

Best friends no matter the distance print from Etsy

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"Best Friends Forever" Puzzle Pieces Keychain: $36.99

Useful and sentimental, these puzzle pieces keychains are a perfectly practical gift for your besties when you go your separate ways after high school.

Best friends forever puzzle pieces keychain

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"To My Best Friend as We Graduate" Journal: $12.95

Fill this journal with all the fond memories you shared with your bestie, along with some hopeful words about their future endeavors. It's sure to bring the waterworks.

To my best friend as we graduate journal

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Personalized Coordinates Ring: $29

With these coordinates rings, your besties will always be by your side.

Personalized coordinates rings

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"Class of 2017" Necklace: $17

In case they forget which year they graduated.

Class of 2017 sterling silver necklace

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"#Done" Mug: $17.95

You may be done with high school, but now onto college, which you and your bestie will better-survive with this mug.

#Done mug

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Friends-Inspired Photo Frame: $23

Add your fave pic of you and your besties to this photo frame and give it to all of them before you go your separate ways. If you're crafty enough to make this frame on your own, even better.

Friends-inspired hand-painted photo frame

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Personalized Pillow: $38

Going away to college will be a little less nerve-racking with this cozy pillow joining your BFFs.

Personalized BFFs pillow

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Personalized Makeup Bag: $36

Add your fave motivational quote to the inside and your besties' initials to the outside, and you're good to go. You can never have too many makeup ones, especially ones that'll inspire you to change the world.

Personalized makeup bag

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