Blow Your Grad Money on These Beauty Products

If you're officially a graduate, congratulations!

Not only are you now able to enter "the real world," but we're willing to bet you got tons of cash from friends and family. And sure, you can save it or spend it on something "useful," but if you feel like really treating yourself, you've come to the right place. Continue below to get a look at all of the beauty products we think are worth blowing your graduation money on.

Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH Lash Enhancing Serum: $68

If you deal with thin, short lashes, we're right there with you. After years of using mascara and touching our eyes, it's done quite the number on our lashes! But after using GrandeLASH, our lashes have grown exponentially. In just four to six weeks, you can expect your lashes to be thicker, longer and full of volume.

(via Grande Cosmetics)


Mermade Hair Waver: $74

When it comes to our hair, we're all about looking like a literal mermaid, and that's where the Mermade Hair Waver comes in! Whether you're heading off to college or are entering the workforce, having killer hair is a must. This is so easy to use and leaves you with lush, bouncy waves reminiscent of a mermaid.

(via Mermade Hair)


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MCM Eau de Parfum Graffiti Collector's Edition: $90

There's nothing we love more than a unisex scent, and this collector's edition perfume from MCM does just that. Set in an adorable MCM-styled backpack, this fragrance is both floral and woody at the same time. With notes of raspberry, jasmine, woods and sheer ambrox, this universal fragrance is definitely worth your money.

(via Dillards)


Anisa Multi-Powder Brush: $30

Your makeup application is only as good as the brushes you use, and one of the best ones you can add to your collection is the multi-powder brush from Anisa. It's versatile in that you can use it for all sorts of products including powder foundation, blush and bronzer. It picks up just the right amount of product and feels incredibly soft against the skin.

(via Anisa Beauty)


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Dyson AirWrap: $599.99

The Dyson AirWrap is a big investment, but if you want to go on a hair journey, we couldn't recommend it enough. It comes with all sorts of attachments including a dryer, fine smoothing brush, soft smoothing brush, round brush and two different sized barrels. If you want to learn even more about the Dyson AirWrap, look HERE for our full review.

(via Dyson)


Hugh and Grace 24 Hour Glow Set: $170

If we could only choose one skincare product to use for the rest of our lives, we would without a doubt go for this set (which is technically two products!) from Hugh and Grace. Included are the brand's Night Serum and Face Serum, and when used regularly, you won't even recognize your flawless, glowing skin. We honestly don't have one bad thing to say about these serums and think they are well worth the high price point.

(via Hugh and Grace)


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Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Setting and Finishing Powder: $58

If you're on TikTok, which, let's be honest, you totally are, we're willing to bet you've seen the Givenchy Prisme Libre all over your For You page. It'the setting powder of the moment and will leave you with filter-like skin. Expect your pores to diminish, your skin to look flawless and for people to compliment you on your stunning makeup!

(via Sephora)


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