If You're a Grammar and Spelling Snob, You'll Relate to These 9 Truths

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and I just so happen to excel at grammar and spelling.

That said, whenever I've gotten a math test back, it certainly hasn't matched the big, bold A that the person next to me received—and when I had to dissect a frog in Biology, it didn't go so swimmingly.

But despite my struggles in certain areas of education, I am so happy that I was gifted the ability to write, with a particular affinity for grammar and spelling. Not only does it help me in my day-to-day communication with others, but I really find it fun!

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If you're like me and you take proper grammar and spelling super seriously, you'll relate to the nine truths below:

1. You've been into proper spelling and grammar pretty much since you can first remember being alive. It's something that's just always been a part of you.

2. Improper tense usage sticks out to you like a sore thumb. Someone saying "I wanted to ask you a question" instead of "want to ask you a question" or "was" instead of "am" simply drives you mad!

3. Seeing someone use the wrong "your" or "there" doesn't just annoy you—it can seriously mean the difference between continuing conversation with a potential flame and instantly shutting down all forms of communication with them.

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4. You know that "played" is a transitive verb in the sentence "she played the flute." You obviously know what an intransitive verb is as well.

5. There's no such thing as sending a quick reply to someone via email or text. Even if it's your mom, your bestie or a person whose response requires very few words, you find yourself re-reading your potential response time and time again before finally pressing that send button.

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6. No one will ever see you email or text "b" instead of "be," "u" instead of "you" or "ur" instead of "your." Even on Twitter when you have a limited character allotment, you still do your very best to avoid not spelling out an entire word.

7. You want to scream when people use "that" instead of "who" or "it's" when it should be "its," and vice versa. Or how about "there's" instead of "there are"? No, just no.

8. You feel honored when people run emails or essays by you before they send or submit them. They know you're the best person to approach for editorial guidance, and you obviously agree.

9. You absolutely refuse to end a sentence with a preposition. Even if it's the quickest way to go and it's harder to rearrange the sentence to avoid using one, you will always find a way.


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