Blink and Our #MCM Grant Gustin Will Steal Your Heart in a 'Flash'

We've been supporters of Grant Gustin since we first met him on Glee as the shady Warbler Sebastian Smythe. And we're still obsessed with seeing him on our TV screens as the totally sweet nerd Barry Allen on The Flash.

But the roles he's played don't define why we're crushing on him. There are far more important reasons why Grant is our #MCM this week, so keep reading to find out just what they are!

Grant Gustin #MCM art(via @grantgustin)

Full Name: Thomas Grant Gustin

Hometown: Norfolk, Virginia

Birthday: January 14, 1990

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Favorite Food: His mom's mac and cheese

Fun Facts:

1. Grant's performance background is in musical theater, which is why he was so amazing on Glee. But did you know he actually started out as a tap dancer? Check out those skills.

2. We had to bring up this epic throwback vid of Grant on NASA's Kids Science News Network. He's too cute.

3. He has two ridiculously adorable pups named Jett and Nora. Why aren't we cuddling up with them right now?

Mid day set move with the squad. #jettlife #neuroticnora

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4. Grant loves animals so much that he started the Grant Gustin Charity Drive in 2013 to help raise money for the Best Friends Animal Society. The organization is a no-kill shelter in Los Angeles. We wish you could see the tears of joy his good deeds bring us.

5. Sports are most definitely his thing. He's a huge fan of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, and totes crazy for some New York Giants football.

Week 2. Trying to get that first W. #NYG #OBJ

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6. He may play The Flash, but Grant always loved Superman growing up. Classic.

Superman…I love him. #selfie #supermanmademe #goodmorning #hashtag

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