If You're Loving Life, Grant Woell's 'Ready Set Go' Will Be Your New Anthem

If singer-songwriter Grant Woell isn't already on your radar, your life is about to get a lot better. He just released a music video for his new track "Ready Set Go," and we got the inside scoop on the new release.

Grant Woell: Ready Set Go

(Photo credit: Mackenzie Lenora)

Artist: Grant Woell

Age: 22

New Single: "Ready Set Go"

Why It's Special: "I wrote the song a few days after I moved to L.A. with my bro Spencer Sutherland. The song is all about taking a chance and living life to the fullest. The whole process was really special for me because I got to be super hands-on with the music video. I knew I wanted to do something special for the fans, so I hand-drew all the animation and coloring for the video myself. It was a long process doing the frame-by-frame animation but I think it's a nice personal touch that was well worth the hours."

Biggest Influences: One Republic and Billy Joel

Dream Venue: "I've always wanted to play on a cruise ship. There's something about the ocean that feels larger than life."

Dream Collab: Owl City

Dream Accomplishment: "I want to keep creating music that connects with people. Whether it's a personal song about heartbreak, or an upbeat song about enjoying every moment, I want to make art that people relate to and enjoy. That's what I love about being an artist."


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