7 Ways to Style a Graphic Tee

Chances are you have a graphic T-shirt somewhere in your closet—and if not, your dad will certainly have a vintage band tee.

At first glance, it may look like the sort of thing you'd only wear when rushing out the door, but you're wrong my friend, so very wrong. Band tees are a staple in any girl's wardrobe and there are numerous ways to style them. Regardless of the color or graphic on the shirt itself, you can pair it with a fashionable option.

Keep reading for seven ways to style a graphic tee.

1. With Leather Pants

A graphic T-shirt and leather pants scream fall. This look is definitely rocker-chic, so don't be afraid to embrace your wild side. Pro-tip: If you wear a band tee, make sure you actually know the songs, or at least memorize some titles.

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2. With a Blazer

To make it look like you definitely did not roll out of bed, pair your graphic tee with a blazer. It can be structured or unstructured—doesn't matter. Throw on a few glitzy pieces of gold or silver layered necklaces to turn the glam level up a notch. If you want to keep your look on the more casual side, however, pair the blazer with denim and some dad shoes.


3. With High-Waisted Denim

If you're going for an everyday comfortable look, pair your tee with high-waisted denim. You can go for acid-wash, black or just plain old blue jeans. Tie your shirt in the front so that it rests just above the button on your pants and pair it with some sneakers.


4. With Animal Print Bottoms

Another great choice for fall is a graphic tee paired with animal print bottoms—so stylish. Whether you have snakeskin pants, a leopard midi skirt or even a colored animal print bottom of some sort, your outfit will look on-trend and hectic—in a good way!


5. With a Midi-Skirt

This option is so cute because it's the definition of femininity and masculinity clashing in the best of ways. Tuck in your tee and throw on a chain belt over your skirt. Wear it with a fun pair of booties to finish off the look!


6. With a Slip Dress

Slip dresses are hard to wear on an everyday basis because they look fancy. If you want to get more use out of the slip that's been hanging in your closet for way too long, wear a graphic tee underneath it! Be sure it's tucked nicely and doesn't look bulky. Finally, pair it with chunky boots to even out the ensemble.


7. With a Trench Coat

When the weather starts to get a bit chilly, throwing on a trench coat over your graphic T-shirt will be the perfect solution to staying out of the cold and looking cute. If you want the main focus of your outfit to be the tee, stick with dark-wash jeans, black booties and minimal accessories.

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