These Instagram Captions Are Perfect for Showing Off Your Graphic Tees

Calling all graphic tee-lovers!

If you have more graphic tees than you know what to do with, we're right there with you. Whether it's a shirt of your favorite band, a show you love or just a silly graphic, graphic tees are seriously the best. If you feel like showing off one of your graphic tees, snap a pic and use one of these Instagram captions.

For when you're always wearing a T-shirt:

"When in doubt, wear a T-shirt."



For when you're showing off your graphic tee collection:

"My graphic tee collection is getting out of hand."



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For when your shirt has holes:

"You know your shirt has gotten love when holes start to form."



For when you have a favorite shirt:

"If you saw me wearing this shirt multiple days in a row, no you didn't."



For when your closet is your happy place:

"I like my money right where I can see it—hanging in my closet."



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For when you snap a pic in a cute new shirt:

"This just might be the cutest shirt I've ever worn."



For when you like your shirts to be special:

"If it's not a graphic T-shirt, I don't want it."



For when your T-shirt game is always amazing:

"I'm not one for plain shirts."



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For when you and your besties are all wearing graphic T-shirts:

"Graphic tees make the world go 'round."



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