If You Love Green Tea in a Cup, You'll Love It Even More on a Plate

Green tea isn't just for drinking anymore.

Powdered green tea, or matcha, has been making its way into everything from sweet desserts to savory entrees, and we'd love to eat everything on the list below!


Green Tea Mille Crepe

Green Tea Ice Cream

Green Tea Cream Puff (With Green Tea Filling)

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Matcha Green Tea Glossy Cake

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Green Tea Oreos

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Toast With Matcha Green Tea Honey Butter

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Toast with a Matcha Green Tea Bulbasaur

Green Tea Uji Matcha Kit-Kat

Green Tea Donut


Matcha Green Tea Waffles With Raspberry

Matcha Green Tea Pasta With Mussels

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Green Tea Matcha Popcorn

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Green Tea Matcha Cookies


Green Tea Bagel


Chocolate Matcha Green Tea Coconut Butter Cups

Green Tea Everything


A cup of your favorite tea is the perfect pairing with these green tea foods. Click HERE to check out the cutest tea infusers ever.