Everything You Wanted to Know about When We Were Younger Singer grentperez

grentperez is the artist to watch out for this year. The Filipino-Australian singer-songwriter has amassed over 70 million views on YouTube and 4 million likes on TikTok thanks to his honey vocals and unique fusion of bossa nova, R&B and bedroom pop. 

Some might argue that romance is dead, but grent wants you to know that love is alive—it's the driving force of his artistry, as seen in his latest song, "When The Day Is Done."

If you're as obsessed with grentperez as we are, anticipate his forthcoming EP, When We Were Younger, and catch him on the United States Bittersweet Daze tour in June alongside Cavetown, mxmtoon and Ricky Montgomery. This September, he begins a headlining tour across Australia and North America.

Below, discover everything grentperez dished about himself as this week's Man Crush Monday.

grentperez trivia Man Crush Monday feature

(Photo credit: Ryan Scott Graham)

Name: Grant Perez

Hometown: Western Sydney, Australia

Birthday: December 4

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius


Fun Facts:

1. The best concert Grant ever attended was Rex Orange County's pop-up show at Shepherd's Bush Empire.

"Not only was the music good, because I love Rex's stuff, but the energy was nuts. Something of how I'd like to conduct a performance."


2. He couldn't live without Instagram.

"The funny is there."


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3. He's super obsessed with cars.


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4. He's not the biggest believer in astrology, but he does believe he embodies some of the classic Sagittarius traits.

"It depends on which source you read from, but if we're going by the main traits of curiosity, optimism, adventurous, flirty, passionate and honest, then I can definitely agree."


5. His parents are his biggest inspiration.

"For them to go through all they've done to raise their children the way they have is beautiful. I tell them I love them every time, especially because they let me do what I love."


6. His favorite day of the year is his girlfriend's birthday.

"I'm a terrible gifts person, but I think showering someone with more love than usual on their special day feels nice to me."


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7. Right now, his favorite online personalities to watch are Noriyaro, Tom Scott and videogamedunkey.

"Actually, I haven't tried yet, but I want to."



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8. His most used emojis are ❤️, 🫶🏼 and 🐺

9. The song he's proudest of writing is "Clementine."

"Love that song."


10. What does Grant think is core to who he is as a human being?

"I think understanding how much I love my family, and to show my listeners the importance of communication and showing love to one another."



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