10 Things You'll Relate to If You Grew Up With a Dog

When you grow up with a dog, it's like having an additional family member.

If you've never had that experience, you probably think it sounds weird, but it'so true. Not only are they your best friend, they're also your cuddle buddy and confidante at the end of the day. They're always waiting for you to come home with their tongues hanging out and paws clicking on the floor. Feel like taking a trip down memory lane?

Keep reading for 10 things you'll relate to if you grew up with a dog:

1. You and Your Siblings Constantly Fought Over Who You Thought the Dog Loved the Most

A constant convo you and your siblings had was who your pup loved the most. Obviously, it loved you, but sometimes you'd let your siblings believe they'd won.

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2. You Always Forced Your Dog to Cuddle With You

You know those times when you were sad, and the only thing that could cure you was your pup? Sometimes you'd have to force it to cuddle with you, even if it tried to escape every minute.

3. You Aren't Afraid of a Few Little Germs When a Random Dog Licks Your Face

These days, whenever you meet a new dog, you don't care if it licks your face. A few germs don't bother you, especially after growing up with a dog your whole life!

4. You Spoke to Your Dog Like a Human

Whether you had to be stern with your pup or you told them about your day, you spoke to your dog as if they were a real person.

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5. You Spoke to Your Dog Like a Baby

You also spoke to your dog like it was a baby. You used baby voices, you'd carry it like a baby and you'd make sure it had everything it wanted, like it's favorite toy!

6. You Apologized to Your Dog Every Time You Left the House

Whenever you left the house, it was truly heart-wrenching. Your dog would cry and whine, and you were so sad because you knew there was no way for you to bring them with you everywhere.

7. You Had to Explain to Your Dog Why You Smelled Like a Different Dog When Coming Home From a Friend's House

If you ever came back from a friend's house who also had a dog, you felt you had to explain to your own dog why you smelled like another. You didn't want it to get jealous, after all!

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8. You Hated Leaving Your Dog When You Went on Family Vacations

Whether you had the neighbor come watch your pup or you boarded it up at a dog hotel, leaving it while you went on vacation made you sick to your stomach.

9. You Made Your Dog Act Like a Vacuum Cleaner

Your dog loved sitting at your feet when at the kitchen table because you could always be trusted to drop a few pieces of food. Whenever you were in the kitchen and something fell to the ground, you wouldn't throw it away, you'd just wait for your pup!

10. Your Dog Will Always Have a Piece of Your Heart

Even to this day, your dog will remain a huge part of your life. Whether it's passed away or still alive, we know that your dog feels the same way about you that you do for them.

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