Greyson Chance Is Cory Monteith's Little Bro?

Despite their uncanny resemblance, Greyson Chance and Cory Monteith aren't actually brothers, but that doesn't mean they can't pretend to be! Turns out Greyson is a huge Glee fan (who isnt?!!), and has apparently already come up with a plot line that would allow him to be a part of the musical cast. So what is it you ask? Well it turns out it's as easy as genes.

"I've already written out my role. Finn (Monteith) has a dead father, so it would be a very dramatic episode where Finn figures out his father had a secret romance with my mom, and so I'm his younger half-brother."

…We love it! And we think Greyson might need to add television writer to his resume.