Greyson Chance: "It's All Still Really Unbelievable"

When the world first met Greyson Chance, they watched a 13 year-old boy sing his heart out to Lady Gaga's Paparazzi on Youtube, but nearly a year later Greyson has proved that he is more than just a  gaga-fan boy.

In this month's issue of V Magazine, the Waiting Outside The Lines singer opened up about his steadfast stardom, and how he realized "something big was happening."

"It's all still really unbelievable. I first realized that something big was happening when my mom started sending me these text messages while I was at school. They said stuff like 'fifteen thousand' — which was the number of people who had viewed my video online that day. It was crazy."

These days Greyson has a very busy schedule- he has been on the Dancing Crazy Tour with Miranda Cosgrove and recently played a concert at the Grove with Cody Simpson.