Grizzly Bear Eats GoPro – Video Pick Of the Day!

Have you ever wondered what a Grizzly Bear eats?

Grizzly Bear eats GoPro camera

The video below suggests that Grizzly Bears are curious eaters. Who needs moose and berries when you can eat a camera?

Just because Grizzly bears are omnivores whose diet consists of both plants and animals, doesn't mean they're supposed to eat GoPro cameras!

A Grizzly bear eats a pretty varied diet. They prey on large mammals including moose, deer, elk, caribou, bison, sheep, and sometimes even smaller bears.

They're also great fishers, using their claws to scoop up salmon swimming upstream. They eat bugs, too!

And Grizzlies LOVE berries. Blackberries, huckleberries, salmon berries, cranberries and more.

They can also be scavengers if food is lying around. Grizzlies are even known to go into tents and pop open coolers with food in them, which can lead them to eat things that are very harmful to them.

This happens so often that there are coolers you can buy with "Bear Proof Certification" to protect both people and bears!

It seems this GoPro survived the mauling. That's one sturdy camera!

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