8 Group Costumes for You and Your Friends to Try This Halloween

Finding the perfect Halloween costume is a nerve-racking experience.

Pooh's Heffalump Halloween Movie

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What if you can't pull together all your materials in time? What if people don't understand what you are? What if your costume doesn't stand out? These and more questions can haunt your costume search, transforming a fun event into your own personal Halloween nightmare.

If you're searching for a way to beat the stress of finding the perfect Halloween costume, we have the solution: Don't do it alone!

While single costumes allow all the focus to be on you, banding together with a group of friends to brainstorm an outfit adds a few more minds that can contribute to your costume idea pool, and it ensures that you'll spend the day surrounded by your besties.

So if you and your friends are ready to become Halloween #squadgoals, scroll below for eight inventive group costumes to try this Halloween.


If you're searching for a classic group costume that people are sure to recognize, PAC-MAN is the way to go. The costume can be created many different ways, but the easiest option involves finding T-shirts that align with the colors of PAC-MAN and the ghosts. Once you have your shirt, simply tape a pair of paper googly eyes to the front. It's an easy and comfortable option that will make your entire group happy.


The Scooby Doo Gang

Another classic option, dressing up as this crime-solving band of detectives is sure to add an aura of mystery to your evening. Each outfit is fairly easy to put together, and it gives each member of your group an easily recognizable persona to adopt for the night. Just watch out for ghosts and monsters, and be sure to bring some Scooby Snacks!

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The Spice Girls

If your girl group is searching for a humorous costume, this punny twist on the Spice Girls will definitely add some comical flavor to your evening. This costume is a little more labor-intensive, as you have to create the individual labels for each member of your crew, but your hard work will definitely be rewarded with a few well-earned laughs.



For this costume, all you need is a yellow shirt paired with overalls and glasses and you're good to go! It's the ideal costume for a large group because there is no limit on the number of minions you can add to your crew. Just gather your favorite partners in crime and make Halloween your next evil mission.

The Powerpuff Girls

To add a little sugar and spice to your Halloween, find your two best gal pals and band together to form the Powerpuff Girls. All you need is a solid-colored dress or tutu in blue, red or green and you'll be ready to spend the night stopping criminals with your incredible superpowers.

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Social Media

Why not put our obsession with social media to good use? For this outfit, each person in your group chooses a social media platform and dresses in the colors associated with it. To complete the ensemble, simply print out the icon of your respective social platform and tape it to your outfit. It's straightforward and clever, and just think of all the social media puns you can add to your Halloween Insta captions!

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Mario Kart

If you've spent countless hours imagining a real-life version of Mario Kart, this group costume will make all your dreams come true. Just choose your player and create your own personal kart using a cardboard box. Once your kart is assembled, you're ready to zoom around town racing your friends to your next trick-or-treat destination and picking up your favorite treats along the way!


101 Dalmatians

Another costume that can work for an unlimited group of people, this idea throws it back to one of our favorite villains and her adorable crew of captured puppies. Choose your most theatrical friend to play the part of Cruella, and find a white shirt that you don't mind ruining with a few black spots to create her band of puppies. You may not reach 101, but we think people will understand.

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For an outfit that will leave you feeling squeaky clean, find some colored tool and transform yourself into a human-sized loofa. These outfits definitely have a bit more assembly required, but they leave you free to do whatever you want with your hair and makeup. Plus, your oversized loofa dress is sure to impress your peers.

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