These 15 Memes Are Painfully Relatable If You've Ever Worked on a Group Project

There are two little words that can strike fear into the heart of any student: group project.

While group projects are in theory a chance to share the workload and bond with a few of your classmates, they rarely work out that way. Getting everyone on the same page, making sure each member puts in an equal amount of effort and coordinating ideas and schedules are just a few of the hurdles you have to face during a group project, and that doesn't begin to touch on the idea that you rarely even like the other members of your crew.

While we can't get rid of group projects all together, we can at least make you laugh while you wait for a response in the group message. Keep scrolling to see 15 memes that are painfully relatable for anyone who's ever worked on a group project.

1. I would like to thank myself, and also me:

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2. Don't be afraid to pat yourself on the back:


3. It's even worse when you just have different standards of work:


4. Oh, everyone was supposed to contribute? How odd…


5. Group projects are historically a bad idea:

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6. And yet everyone else seems to think it is:


7. Seems fitting:


8. Too bad everyone gets the credit:

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9. Well, this is awkward:

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10. Oh, the accuracy:


11. Deeply unimpressed:

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12. Or we could just not listen to anyone's ideas. That's cool, too:


13. There's always one person who's totally useless:

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14. I apologize for the tears:

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15. And to sum it all up:

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