The 8 Rules of Group Texting Etiquette EVERYONE Needs to Follow

Group texts—you either love 'em or absolutely despise them.

While they can be a huge nuisance, there's certainly a time and place for their necessity.

So, how do you know if you should start a group text, who to include and how to act in one? Keep reading for our eight rules of group texting etiquette everyone needs to follow.


1. Make Sure There's a Common Thread Between Everyone in the Chat

Nobody wants to be bombarded with group texts that serve no purpose. Whether you had a bad date, saw a funny meme or need advice on what to wear to a school dance, do not just throw random unacquainted people into a group chat for your benefit. Sure, if you're coordinating something like a reservation that requires everyone to be on the same exchange, that's acceptable—but, otherwise, unless there's a reason to put a bunch of various pals of yours in one chat, do not do it.

Serena staring at her phone looking sad in a scene from Gossip Girl

(Gossip Girl via The CW)


2. Don't Have Inside Conversations With Anyone in the Chat

They call it a group text for a reason—it involves a group. While something said in the chat may trigger some funny joke or memory, if it's not clear to the other members of the chat, take it to a private exchange with you and the person who will understand the context. No one wants to be bogged down with banter between you and someone else.


3. Don't Leave the Chat Unannounced

Ugh, so rude! While it can absolutely be annoying and even inconsiderate to get added unexpectedly to a group chat, it's equally disrespectful to see the "so and so has left the conversation" notification show up in your exchange. It takes almost zero effort to simply say, "hey, love you guys, but I'm super busy today so I'm going to opt out." And there's a mute option, so if you don't want to be inundated with a stream of text replies, just select mute and then either go through the texts later or ignore them altogether. Leaving a group chat unannounced is straight-up insulting and unnecessary.

pretty little liars - aria staring at her phone

(Pretty Little Liars via Freeform)


4. Don't Send Mass Invites Via Group Text

Oh. My. Gosh. This is the ultimate. Sure, if you're hosting a very intimate birthday dinner and it makes sense for everyone to know who's invited, send the group text invite. But, if you're throwing a massive summer pool party, you do not need to text your 20 closest pals on one exchange. No one needs to know the itineraries of everyone else in the chat as they reply like rapid-fire. At the most, text groups of up to four people at a time, but your entire guest list should not be on one text.


5. Don't 'Reply All' in the Chat If It's Something Better Directed at Just One Person

If someone does make the mistake of sending a mass group invite, for example, be smarter than to "reply all." If you limit your response to just the person inviting you, hopefully, other members of the chat will follow suit. Bottom line: Don't add any extra unnecessary communication to a group chat. Period.

Riverdale: Betty laying in bed texting

(Riverdale via The CW)


6. If You Know Not Everyone Has Each Others' Numbers, Introduce the Whole Group From the Start

If you insist on putting various people into one group chat (there are acceptable cases), at least introduce all the parties involved if you think some people may not know each other. No one wants to "reply all" and risk someone they don't like, know or trust reading their thoughts.


7. If You Know Someone Despises Group Texts, Don't Add Them Unless Absolutely Necessary

Some people are on the fence about group texts, and their interest in them depends on who's involved and how bored they are when they receive one. But others simply hate group texts. They never reply to them, they tell you adamantly how much they dislike them, and the only time they've kicked one off is to confirm plans with a very small group. If you know this type of person, by all means, do the right thing and leave them out of the group text unless it's absolutely necessary to include them.

Peach texting someone in the Netflix show You

(You via Netflix)


8. The Smaller the Group, the Better

Group texts are bad enough—large group texts are the absolute worst. Being in an exchange with 3-5 people who are actively participating in the chat is a lot of fun. Any more than that and things get slippery. Again, if there's a specific reason to throw a bunch of people into one back-and-forth, then so be it. But unless you know each member of the large group is a willing participant, keep the group members to a minimum.


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