Growing Up and Down Coming To Disney Channel!

Raini Rodriguez and Adam Irigoyen's pilot for the show Growing Up and Down got picked up by The Disney Channel!

In the new show, Austin & Ally star Raini Rodriguez and Shake It Up's Adam Irigoyen star as two adult parents who suddenly get transformed into teenagers themselves under mysterious circumstances!

Cecilia Balagot and Noah Centineo appear as the couple's teenage kids, who have to deal not only with their regular high school life, but also attending school with their parents!

The new family comedy will show us a new side of Raini and Adam as they act like adults reliving their teenage years. The show begins production in August and should air a few months later on the Disney Channel!

We're super excited about the upcoming show! Comment below with your thoughts on the new show and tell us about your favorite Disney Channel celebs and more at!