Learn To Draw Tardar Sauce To Celebrate Grumpy Cat's Movie!

The Lifetime original movie Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever airs tonight on Lifetime at 8/7c! To celebrate, we'll show you how to draw Tardar Sauce (AKA Grumpy Cat) in a simple step-by-step tutorial!grumpy cat drawing tutorial thumbnail

To begin, use a pencil to draw the shapes you see below. Begin with a big, flat oval. Place a smaller flat oval toward the bottom of the bigger oval, and draw two big pointy triangles, which will become the ears!


grumpy cat drawing tutorial

In the next step, we'll start adding some details. Transform the triangle ears into looser, organic shapes. Draw curved lines from the bottom of the oval to make up Grumpy Cat's body. Draw football-shaped curves for the eyes, plus Grumpy Cat's nose and signature frowny face!

grumpy cat drawing tutorial

This step adds just a few more details. Close off the right ear and add in circular pupils. Draw in the pattern about her nose, and draw edges around her face to give her some definition.grumpy cat drawing tutorial

Go over your lines with a pen, adding in furry details where appropriate!grumpy cat drawing tutorial

Erase your pencil marks!grumpy cat drawing tutorial


Last but not least,  your Grumpy Cat isn't complete without a touch of color or some shading! You can color her in with crazy rainbow shades, or stick to more realistic tones, like we did!grumpy cat drawing tutorial

What did you think of this grumpy tutorial? Comment below and let us know which tutorials you'd like to see, and share your drawings with us in our community at Sweety High!