Feeling Unmotivated? These 'Gudetama the Lazy Egg' Items Know Your Pain

Gudetama may not be as famous as Hello Kitty, but he's certainly one of Sanrio's most memorable characters yet.

He's known as "the lazy egg" for a reason. If you totally relate and would rather hit that snooze button than roll out of bed in the morning, we're sure at least one of these Gudetama items will speak to you.


Gudetama Plush Back Cushion: $17.86

This backrest is the perfect thing for lounging around at home. Gudetama would approve.

Gudetama plush

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Gudetama Print Backpack: $28.99

If you absolutely have to be out and about, pack up everything you need in this backpack covered in uncooperative Gudetamas.

Gudetama backpack
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Gudetama Foaming Makeup Remover: $19.85

Every lazy girl needs a face wash that will help the makeup melt right off.

Gudetama makeup remover

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Gudetama Nintendo 3DS XL Cover: $21.99

This 3DS cover is the next best thing to a Gudetama video game.

Gudetama Nintendo 3DS XL cover

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Gudetama Lunchbox: $17.95

The adorable design on the front of this lunchbox just might inspire your next meal.

Gudetama lunchbox

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Gudetama Earbuds: $12.90

These are perfect for blasting your favorite tunes about staying home and lazing around.

Gudetama earbuds

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Gudetama Water Bottle: $19.98

Even the most idle of days requires proper hydration.

Gudetama water bottle

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Gudetama Plastic Mug: $7.03

Sometimes laziness and clumsiness go hand in hand. If that's the case for you, don't worry about shattering this mug when you drop it. It's plastic.

Gudetama plastic mug

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Gudetama Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure: $10.40

Because we all feel like wrapping a bacon shawl around our shoulders every once in a while.

Gudetama with bacon Funko pop vinyl

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Gudetama Utensil Set: $12. 48

These are just the thing for eating eggs in all of their lovely forms.

Gudetama utensil set

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Gudetama Fridge Magnet: $9.99

Keep your most important notes pinned to the fridge as a friendly reminder—"Note to self: buy eggs."

Gudetama fridge magnets

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Tissue Dispenser: $19.99


Gudetama tissue holder

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Gudetama Luggage Tags: $11.99

You'll never have a luggage mixup at baggage claim with these brightly-colored beauties on your bags.

Gudetama luggage tags

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Gudetama Mouse Pad: $10.99

What's better than eggs and toast? Eggs and toast, plus this Gudetama mousepad.

Gudetama mouse pad

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Stress Ball: $9

If you're feeling a bit tense, this squishy Gudetama won't crack under pressure.

Gudetama stress ball

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Gudetama Folding Compact Scissors: $12.06

Have a handy pair of scissors on you at all times with this pen-sized set of folding scissors.

Gudetama compact folding scissors

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Gudetama Nail Art Sticker Kit: $10.85

Who has time to go out for a mani? With this kit of stickers and top coat, your Gudetama nails will be ready at home within minutes.

Gudetama nail art sticker kit

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